Best 13 Beach Fonts for Summer Designs

Are you getting a summer breeze? If so, you are not the only one! Rest assured that this list of the best beach fonts on the market will help you make your next summer designs beautiful.

Of course, as a designer or creator, you already know that like with website fonts there are pretty much no limits when it comes to summer designs. That’s why we thought we should narrow them down! By introducing you to the best beach fonts, we aim to help you excel in this particular niche.

Our list includes the best free and premium beach fonts.

Let’s “seas the day” and get started right away! Shall we?

Best 9 Beach Premium Fonts for Summer Designs

Tropica Gardens

Best 13 Beach Fonts for Summer Designs

Sarid Ezra has designed a beautiful beach font. Tropica Gardens includes bold serif, authentic signature and rounded sans. If you want to create an inspirational summer project using a beach font, Tropica Gardens can be your choice. 

This font can be used for any purpose like fliers, signs, letters, cart postal and more. In addition, this typeface also supports numbers and symbols. 

Centrio Typeface

Best 13 Beach Fonts for Summer Designs

Noone can deny that summer is one of the most romantic periods of the year. Well, our next font selection is all about romanticism. This is one of the most beautiful curvy beach fonts we have ever seen! 

The bundle has all the essentials a designer or artist needs. From uppercase and lowercase characters to numerals and punctuation, nothing is left out.   


Best 13 Beach Fonts for Summer Designs

Allenoire is one of the few beach fonts that has managed to maintain a retro look but also with some modern touches. This font comes with ligatures and alternatives that can help you create amazing projects like logos, blog posts, magazine imagery, wedding invitations and more.  


Best 13 Beach Fonts for Summer Designs

Engrace is a beach font that sits exactly where beach fonts meet elegance. In other words, this is the perfect font for luxury summer wedding designs and fashionable posters. The bundle includes 8 different fonts and comes in 4 weights. 

We found Engrace to be a great choice for watercolor and floral romantic designs as well. You could say that this is the perfect all-rounder.

Fonseca Grande

Best 13 Beach Fonts for Summer Designs

Unlike our previous suggestion, Fonseca Grande has nothing elegant about it. On the contrary, this is one of the best cartoonish beach fonts on the market. The font duo comes with a bold capital font and a curvy typeface for the details. 

This is one of the main reasons why Fonseca Grande is perfect for retro posters, postcards, restaurant menus and packaging. 

Eighties Comeback 

Best 13 Beach Fonts for Summer Designs

As the name suggests, Eighties Comeback is a charming font inspired by the 80s. With this typeface you will also get 2 handy variable fonts that can be used for more professional projects. 

Nicky Laatz was inspired by the numerous magazine adverts back in the 70s and 80s to create this amazing beach font. Using this typeface will be a perfect match for many different and unique summer projects. 

Palm Beach

Best 13 Beach Fonts for Summer Designs

If you’re looking for a stylish beach font, Palm Beach is an excellent choice. The bundle includes numerous ligatures and alternates which make this font one of the most flexible ones on the market. 

Palm Beach is by far the slimmest font on the list. If that’s what you need for your next summer design, this font is perfect. 

Hello Paris 

Best 13 Beach Fonts for Summer Designs

The Hello Paris font may not sound exactly like a summer or beach font but can frame easily any project you have in mind. With this font you will get numerous features like ligatures, alternates, multi language, alphabet cut file and more. 

This elegant summer font can be a great choice if you are looking for a font to frame invitations, branding elements, logos, blog posts, images and more. 

Palm Beach Font Duo 

Best 13 Beach Fonts for Summer Designs

Our last premium selection may have a similar name with the stylish palm font reviewed above, but it’s nothing like it. As a combination of simple sans clean typefaces and hand drawn script fonts, this bundle is unique. 

To be precise, this is one of our favorite beach font duos for many reasons. You can add it to pretty much any type of summer (and not only) design and has a wide set of characters, ligatures, numerals and punctuation.

Best 4 Beach Free Fonts for Summer Designs

Beach Umbrella 

Best 13 Beach Fonts for Summer Designs

Starting with our first free summer font, Beach Umbrella can really make your projects look outstanding. If you are looking for an amazing beach font that you will not have to spend money on, Rvandtype Studio has you covered. 

This summer font comes with a cute look that will help you frame numerous different projects like invitations, comics, logos, branding elements and more. 

Beach Vibe

Best 13 Beach Fonts for Summer Designs

Who said that finding a great beach font is all about the money you spend? Whoever said so, didn’t know that Beach Vibe is around! This is one of the best energetic summer fonts on the market and it is completely free for personal use.  

As a team of designers, we’ve used beach vibe multiple times for posters, magazine headlines and more. 

Summer Beach

Best 13 Beach Fonts for Summer Designs

Yogaletter has created a very summer looking font that will leave you more than happy. This free beach font comes with several great ligatures and can be used for many summer projects. If you are looking for a free summer font to use on your projects like logos, comics, invitations and signs, Summer Beach typeface may be a really smart choice. 

Light Beach 

Best 13 Beach Fonts for Summer Designs

Last but not least, we have Light Beach. This is one of the most flexible beach fonts out there. In a few words, it is a curvy, almost calligraphic typeface that will beautifully frame your summer designs. If you need a unique free beach font for your next project, this is a must-try. 

Wrap up 

At the time we’re writing this blog post, summer is (sadly) almost over. Still, there’s nothing wrong with getting ready for the next season! We hope you have found more than one beach font to frame your next summer projects. If you are also looking for other top-notch font lists, you can check our Best 19 Dungeons and Dragons Fonts and Best 15 Aesthetic Fonts for more inspiration. 

Until next time, have fun designing!

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