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Best 15 Viking Fonts

If you are looking for a strong, Scandinavian font for your next design, we have some great options for you. Let us take a look at the best Viking fonts on the market! 


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Whether you are creating a themed Viking project or just want to add a special touch to a personal design, Viking fonts are ideal for you. Fortunately, there are plenty of great options online for you to take advantage of. Scandinavian fonts have a unique charm and attention-grabbing energy that everyone will find impressive. Of course, you could also use a Bold typeface or a Medieval font, but it would not be the same.

All of the Viking fonts in this list have some standout features that can effortlessly take your upcoming project to the next level. You just need to find the one that frames your designs the best.

So, without further ado, let us explore all the remarkable Viking fonts that we have gathered for you.

Best 10 Premium Viking Fonts

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Ragnarok is one of the most impressive rune fonts you can find on the market. The special letters can make the difference in any project like posters, themed party invitations and even Viking style t-shirts. 

With the package, you get some unique variations of uppercase and lowercase letters, all numbers, some punctuation marks and a few common symbols.

Dene Studios has created one of the most beautiful Viking fonts that can frame any design perfectly. You can easily use it on any project that requires a special nordic style. 

The package includes the regular and an outline font, along with the runic alphabet and the necessary numerals. However, there are no punctuation marks in the pack. 

If you are looking for a Viking font that is suitable for any Scandinavian project, Mjölnir is perfect for you. This font with the remarkable letters can transform any design like headlines, logos and flyers into something stunning. 

In the package, you will find only the main Viking typeface. However, there are also capital and lowercase letters, numbers, the basic punctuation, some unique glyphs and multilingual support. 

Torberta has all the characteristics of a Medieval font and also includes the charm of the Viking designs.  The bold, strong letters are ideal for any project like posters, branding and headlines. 

Besides the basic typeface, the package also contains upper and lowercase letters, all numbers, a great amount of punctuation marks and some special symbols. 

Fjordgard is one of the most impressive Scandinavian fonts we found on the web. The special letters with the amazing shape are perfect for numerous different projects like clothing brands, headlines and posters. 

The pack includes the regular Viking font with only uppercase letters. Additionally, there are all the necessary punctuation marks and numbers for a completed project.

Vatesdesign has designed a great Viking font that has some of the most impressive capital letters you can find. Unfortunately, there are no punctuation marks but all the uppercase letters and the numerals are enough for anything you have in mind. You can easily use it for band projects, logos, tattoos, and clothing branding. 

Njord is a Viking typeface that can effortlessly make any design stand out. The strong, bold letters are suitable for plenty of different projects like themed posters, branding, headlines and logos. With the package, you get 2 Viking fonts along with uppercase letters, all numerals, the necessary punctuation marks and multilingual support.

If you are looking for a simple typeface that has the charm of the Viking period, Lodbrok is the right font for you. It can work well with many projects like labels, logos, clothing branding and packaging. 

In the package, you will find just the basic Viking font but you can take advantage of it in numerous designs. Lastly, there are both upper and lowercase letters, punctuation marks and numbers. 

Inspired by Norse mythology, Myrkheim is a unique Viking font that you can use as you wish. Use this typeface on any project you want to create next, from posters to themed party invitations, and see it excel. 

The package includes 3 different typefaces that can make the difference with their special characteristics. Additionally, there are uppercase letters and all numbers that can frame the project in the best way.  

If you want something different than the classic bold Viking fonts, Nordica is perfect for you. The unique style of the letters make this font ideal for projects like posters, invitations, logos and apparel design. In the package, there is the regular Viking font along with uppercase letters, all numbers and a few punctuation marks. 

Best 5 Free Viking Fonts

Typographer Mediengestaltung has designed one of the best free Viking fonts you can find online. You can easily use this typeface for posters, branding, headlines and clothing brands.

The package contains only the regular font but it should be enough for your Viking project. Additionally, there are capitals, numerals and some punctuation. 

Woodwarrior is one of the most iconic Viking fonts free that are available on the market. As most of the Viking packages, this one includes only uppercase letters but you still make your upcoming project stand out. In the pack, there are also 3 different typefaces that you can use on posters, branding or headlines.

FDI Wiking is one of the most impressive free Scandinavian fonts that we found for you. You can easily use this amazing font for logotypes, branding, headlines and posters. With the package, you get the regular Viking font with capitals and lowercase letters, the basic punctuation and all numbers.

Twikling is one of the most stunning Viking fonts free download that are available online. This amazing typeface with the special features on the letters is suitable for any project from posters to party invitations. 

The package contains the main Viking typeface with upper and lowercase letters, numerals and all the necessary punctuation marks.

If you are looking for one of the most special fonts you can find online, Floki is the right one for you. These Viking writing symbols are perfect for numerous projects like branding, t-shirts and headlines. In the package, there is the regular runic alphabet that you can use as you wish. 

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Wrap Up

Each of the Viking fonts in our list have some unique characteristics that can make your project stand out. Their special charm is perfect for any kind of project you have in mind to create. So, find the font that suits you the best and design the ultimate Viking project.