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18 Best Lego Fonts

Who does not love Lego? Everyone has a memory of it or still plays with it. That’s why we have created one of the best Lego font collections on the market.


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We have all been at the age of playing with Legos and numerous other toys. Legos are one of the most popular children’s games in the world. That’s why we could not resist and created the ultimate list of the best Lego fonts.

The main font of the Lego game is a classic bold font that has some amazing curves. It may not be particularly impressive, but it’s a great, memorable font that everyone will remember.

Since 1932 and the first Lego toy ever made, the company has created some of the most fascinating toys you’ll find on the market. The first Lego font was designed in 1936 and has the classic bold style.

So without further ado, let’s get to know some of the most beautiful Lego fonts on the market.

Best 12 Premium Lego Fonts

Lego Bricks Font

Lego Bricks is a font made entirely of Lego bricks. The package contains capital letters, numbers and the most important punctuation marks. All of them are completely formed from Lego bricks. This feature will make you think that you have traveled to the Lego world.

This amazing Lego font is perfect for many different projects such as kids packaging, themed party invitations, t-shirts and fascinating posters.

As mentioned earlier, Lego has designed a typeface that looks like a bold font. With Blockfort you can create a font that has some similarities with the official Lego font.

With the package, you get both upper and lowercase letters, all the numbers and the necessary punctuation. With it, you can easily highlight any project you have in mind.

Superlumina is a font collection where you can find everything you are looking for. There are about 20 typefaces that range from thin to ultra bold. If you want to create the perfect Lego project, you are sure to find the ideal font for any occasion.

All the fonts included in the package contain only uppercase letters, as well as numbers and punctuation marks.

Handmadefont is a well-known company that has developed many great fonts. Lego CLR is a typeface inspired by the game of the same name. In the package you will find all uppercase letters, some punctuation marks and all numbers.

This Lego font is perfect for any thematic project you want to create. Use it on posters, t-shirts, children’s books and caps and see how they all rise above.

Zoinks is a font that automatically makes the difference. It is one of the most eye-catching fonts on this list. The beautiful curves and shapes of the letters make this Lego font stand out from all the others.

Everything you need for a complete project is included in the package. Upper and lowercase letters, punctuation and numerals are present to make your t-shirt designs, posters, comics and invitations a real eye-catcher.

Brick is a truly unique San Serif Lego typeface that is ideal for many different projects. The playful nature of this font makes it perfect for books, posters, t-shirts, and party invitations.

There are only uppercase letters and numbers included in the package. However, these elements are enough to make the project of your dreams come true. Do not hesitate to try many combinations to find the right one.

Superfried Font Shop has designed a Lego font that has a special feature on top of the letters. With its stunning brick style, this typeface can take your planned project to the next level.

Fortunately, the package includes everything you need for your upcoming work. Uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals and punctuation with the unique characteristic are there to support your efforts for perfection.

If you are looking for the most cheerful Lego font on this list, Super Color is for you! This amazing font with the funny character has the ability to steal everyone’s heart.

With the package you get 4 different fonts with upper and lowercase letters, all numbers and the necessary punctuation. You should use this Lego font for creative ideas like t-shirt designs, crafts and childish posters.

Joyful is a font that can make all the difference. The playful, colorful first impression is ideal for any children’s project. You can easily use it for logos, kids t-shirts, home decor and signs. In the package you will find only uppercase letters with all digits and necessary punctuation.

Invasi Studio has designed one of the most beautiful bold fonts, which is very similar to the original Lego font. This font is suitable for branding, posters, packaging, quotes and book covers.There are 2 fonts with different styles included in the package. Both contain capital letters, punctuation marks and numbers.

Fraiche is an exciting font collection that contains numerous stunning typefaces. All 15 available fonts can be used for any project you plan to do next. T-shirts, special branding, posters and remarkable labels are just some of them. Upper and lowercase letters, all numerals and punctuation marks are available for you to create the ultimate project.

If you are looking for the best Lego font and do not know which one to choose, Kind Human typeface is ideal for you. This beautifully designed, bubbly font is suitable for projects like mags, logos, posters and stickers.

The package contains 4 fonts with upper and lowercase letters, all numbers and necessary punctuation. You can easily use them all to create the most amazing designs.

Best 6 Free Lego Fonts

Lego Block is a font that looks like it was created by human hands. The imperfect shape of the letters is what makes this font so remarkable. The bricks around the upper and lowercase letters are what you need to make the difference. Use them on posters, party invitations, and t-shirts and see how these designs stand out.

As the name suggests, this Lego font has great similarities with the official Lego font. That is why it is ideal for any project with a Lego theme. Posters, invitations, t-shirts and mugs belong to this category. The package contains only capital letters and nothing else. So get ready for a real challenge!

LCD font has a unique style that may not remind you of Legos at first glance. However, if you take a closer look at the shape of the letters and numbers, you will notice that it looks like a brick. So this font can easily accompany projects like branding, logos, Lego posters and t-shirt designs.

Source Sans Pro is a clean line font that may not be as bold as the original Lego font, but it has some great features. The package contains 12 different fonts, some of which are reminiscent of the official Lego font. All 12 fonts include uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and punctuation.

Impallari Type has created a remarkable font collection that you can use to make your next project extra special. There are plenty of great free Lego fonts, from thin to bold, suitable for projects like labels, signs, posters and branding. With the bundle, you get 7 fonts that you can use however you like.

Kenyan Coffee is one of the most iconic Lego fonts you can find on the market. The shape of the letters, especially in the bold version, fits perfectly with a Lego themed project. With the uppercase and lowercase letters, the numerals, and the punctuation, you can create the ultimate Lego design.

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Wrap Up

If you love Lego, this list is your paradise. All the fonts we have collected are ideal for Lego projects and can easily make all the difference. However, you should find the one that frames your designs as perfectly as possible. The options are numerous, and that’s why you should not settle for anything other than a stunning font.