Best 5 Photography Christmas Gifts under 100$

Christmas is around the corner and it’s that period of the year when we all are looking for the best gifts for our beloved ones. I think that all would agree that in most cases we aren’t so confident that we have chosen the right one.

I suppose that we all know our favorite persons’ interests and we would love to buy something related to that. When it comes to photography many believe that they should spend an enormous amount of money.  

Well, I’m here to prove them wrong. The advantageous thing about photography is that you can pivot on different factors. We have created a list to include some of the best photography christmas gifts that are both useful and affordable. 

Photography Christmas Gifts


If you ask a photographer what’s the most substantial problem they face, the answer will probably be the lack of physical space. When you are traveling, you need free hands so as to only hold your camera. The question is where will you put your backup batteries, lenses, phone, tripods, etc? For this reason exactly, a specially designed camera bag is probably the most valuable photography christmas gift.

Kattee Leather Canvas Camera Bag

best photography christmas gifts

With dimensions of 12.6 x 9.8 x 5 inches, this bag is suitable not only for your camera but also for traveling or for college. You will be able to fit your camera and accessories inside, without any struggle. 

A durable, classic, and retro style bag that is ideal for all types of people. It’s offered in an enormous amount of colors such as black, brown, blue, dark gray, army green-brown, and khaki. 

Anyone who has bought it mentions that the removable inside padding it’s really helpful for those times when you won’t need to use it as a camera bag and that the additional pockets are ideal for memory cards and batteries. For all these reason, this is an amazing photography Christmas gift!

Price: 41.99$ (November 2020)


G-raphy camera bag

Best 5 Photography Christmas Gifts under 100$

G-raphy offers you a bag with a size of 16 x 13 x 5 inches, that will offer enough space for a camera, and 3 to 4 lenses. It also includes extra room for memory cards, batteries, and an external hard drive. 

It’s modernly designed, waterproof, with a hard shaped appearance to protect your belongings. The removable interior can be adjusted and make your bag polymorphic. 

There are lots of colors for you to choose from, such as black-red, black-green, black-purple, and black-orange. It is extremely suitable for travelers that love photography and beginner photographers who visit new places.       

Price: 30.99$ (black-red, November 2020) 



Tripods are necessary tools for every advanced or beginner photographer. They are essential when it comes to photoshootings like astrophotography, portraits, and landscapes. This is why buying one as a photography Christmas gift is a very smart idea.

 Mactrem PT55 Travel Camera Tripod

Best 5 Photography Christmas Gifts under 100$

One of the most popular, professional but at the same time economical tripods in the market. Measures 20 inches and extends up to 55, while weighing just 2.57 pounds. Those are thee characteristics that make it perfect for traveling.

It’s easy to store, has a 3-way pan head, and it transitions fast between shots. Simply one of the best photography Christmas gifts on the market.

Price: 39.99$ (November 2020)


 UBeesize tripod

Best 5 Photography Christmas Gifts under 100$

This is an ultimately portable, flexible mini tripod with a wireless remote and universal clip. It’s ideal for phones but it’s compatible with cameras too. It is a flawless choice for traveling, selfies, Youtube, and Tik-tok videos. 

With its flexible legs, it can wrap around bicycles, poles, and branches. It’s only 9.4 x 2.4 x 2.2 inches and weighs 8.8 ounces, so it’s precious equipment for everyone.

Price: 12.99$ (November 2020)


Mini printers

A portable mini photo printer can be characterized as the ultimate photography Christmas gift. Being able to print an image you’ve just taken is a power that everyone desires but few have. So, let’s have a look at the best two.   

Kodak Step Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer

Best 5 Photography Christmas Gifts under 100$

Bringing the quality of the Kodak family, the new Kodak Step mini printer promises a high-standard experience. It’s compatible with iOS, Androids, NFC, and Bluetooth.

Your photos are gonna be printed on 2 x 3 Sticky-Back paper. To do that, the only thing you have to do is download the free KODAK app, from which you can also add funny stickers, interesting text, amazing borders, and stunning filters.

Its dimensions are 3 x 5 x 1 inches and it weighs only 9.1 ounces. It’s the absolute implement that can be carried with you in your back pocket. 

Price: 59.99$ (white, November 2020)


Tip: If your photos come up dark try to brighter them up on your phone and not through the app for better outcomes.

Victure Photo Printer

Best 5 Photography Christmas Gifts under 100$

The new portable Victure photo printer is one of the very promising ones. It is wireless, rechargeable, and, of course, connectable through Bluetooth, iOS, Androids, and tablets.  

It prints on a 3×3 inch photo paper which is waterproof. You have to download the Victure Instant Color app to print and at the same time you can add filters, emojis, stickers, borders or write a text.

When fully charged, it can print 30-40 photos. Anti-tearing and anti-fading technology promise that your photo will be just the same after several months. Some have reported that it might be a little bit noisy but that’s not annoying.

Price: 99.99$ (November 2020)


4. Books 

You may wonder what books have to do with photography. Well, in my opinion, if you want to succeed in anything you do, then researching the subject plays the most important role. Don’t hesitate buying a book because you think it won’t be appreciated. If someone is really interested in photography, he will show a great interest and love the things he will learn reading your photography christmas gift.

National Geographic Photo Basic

Best 5 Photography Christmas Gifts under 100$

I think the title says it all. This book from National Geographic is the ultimate guide for beginners. Joel Sartore explains, through short lessons, all the basics around photography such as choosing cameras, understanding focus, lighting, exposure, and composition. For the book to be more comprehensible, he also shares his own photos, making it much more interesting to read.

Price: 14.90$ (November 2020)


Adobe Photoshop Classroom

Best 5 Photography Christmas Gifts under 100$

This book refers to more advanced users. If your beloved one knows the basics of photography then a book about the most popular photo manipulation app is always a great choice.  Everyone argues that this specific book it’s easy to follow and apply.

Price: 56.99$ (buy new, November 2020)



Running out of space isn’t rare for a photographer thus obtaining a microSD card as a Christmas gift is never a bad idea. We found the two most popular and reliable SD cards for you. It’s then up to you if you wanna choose 64 or 128gb.

I can assure you that both will be enough, but if you desire for this purchase to be also an investment, then you should go for the 128 one. If you believe that a microSD card can’t be a stand-alone gift, then don’t forget that it could be the best supplementary one.

Best 5 Photography Christmas Gifts under 100$

128gb, Price: 19.99$ (November 2020)


Best 5 Photography Christmas Gifts under 100$

64gb, Price: 10.99$ (November 2020)



I hope that our suggestions will be helpful and offer you the opportunity to reduce the annoying feeling of anxiety when selecting a photography christmas gift for your beloved ones. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate contacting with us.

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