San Sebastian Travel Guide | 17 Best Things to Do in San Sebastian, Spain

San Sebastian is a beautiful little part of the Basque Country. The outstanding sights you can visit in the city and the exceptional gastronomic journey will leave you breathless. This tiny piece of art has so many amazing experiences to offer that you will not want to leave. This is why we made the following San Sebastian Travel Guide.

Whenever and wherever you visit Spain, it’s worth taking a trip to the stunning city of San Sebastian. Access to the city is super easy and you will have no problem getting there.

Founded back in the 1500s, the city is full of historical landmarks that will amaze you. With the modern touch that tourism offers, San Sebastian has a variety of activities that you can choose from.

However, since this is not always easy, we have created a San Sebastian travel guide to help you out.

What are the Best Things to Do in San Sebastian?

Museums and Art Galleries

There are so many outstanding museums and art galleries to visit in San Sebastian that you will not know which one to choose. You will be able to see many different exhibitions from the past to the present.

The San Telmo Museoa is the source of Basque history. Since 1932, the museum has been located in the beautiful old town, in Zuloaga plaza under Urgull Hill. In 2009 the facilities started to update and in 2011 the museum reopened its doors as the Museum of the Basque Society and Citizenship

San Sebastian Travel Guide

Nowadays, San Telmo Museoa hosts temporary exhibitions in the new buildings, in addition to the permanent exhibitions that are mostly housed in the old facilities. So, do not miss the chance to learn not only about the history of San Sebastian, but also new information about another place on the planet.

Are you a lover of cider? Then the Sagardoetxea or Museo de la Sidra Vasca is the right place to spend some constructive time. Many who have visited the museum have mentioned that the tour guide is amazing and makes the experience extra special. The place is ideal for families, groups and friends.

One of the main attractions of San Sebastian is the aquarium. The amazing facilities and the outstanding sea creatures will give you a unique experience. You’ll get to know many different species of fish that you have not even heard of. Especially for kids, this visit will be a remarkable experience. So, get ready and head to Plaza de Carlos Blasco Imaz, where tiny to bigger hydrophilic animals are waiting for you.

The art life of San Sebastian is rich and remarkable. There are galleries and exhibition centers all over the city. The Arteko, the Cibrian, or the Kur are some of the main magnificent art galleries that San Sebastian has to offer. 

On the other hand, there are exhibition centers that strengthen local and international art. The Tabakalera, the Sala Kubo Kutxa and the Centro de Recursos Medioambientales host unique exhibitions throughout the year that will leave you breathless.

Must-see historical buildings 

Let’s continue with our San Sebastian travel guide with historical buildings.When you travel to a new country or city you have never been to, there are some certain sites you absolutely must visit. In San Sebastian, these amazing places are the Catedral del Buen Pastor or Cathedral of the Good Shepherd and the Castello de la Mota.

San Sebastian Travel Guide

The impressive cathedral was built in 1897 in the style of Neo-Gothic. From then until now, two massive improvements have taken place in the church, but the style and religious spirit remain untouched.

As a seaside town, San Sebastian couldn’t lack a castle. The Castello de la Mota is located on top of the hill Urgull and its main purpose was to be a fortress and protect the city. Nowadays, the castle is one of the most beautiful attractions, as you can see not only this amazing stronghold but also the whole city above it.

San Sebastian Travel Guide

Walks around the city 

The best way to explore a new city and its beauties is always on foot. There are some places you can not enjoy if you can not explore them on foot.

First things first: if you are traveling there and reading this San Sebastian travel guide then you have to visit the old town. The picturesque alleys are ideal for getting to know the life of the locals. And do not forget to pick up some souvenirs from the small, graphic shops to remember this amazing city.

San Sebastian is full of excellent beaches and parks to visit and walk around. La Concha is one of the most famous city beaches in the world. The mesmerizing white sand and the wonderful views of the city make this beach unique.

Speaking of parks, there are numerous options in San Sebastian. Wherever you look, the city is full of trees and plants. The Alderdi Eder, the Plaza Gipuzkoa, and the Artikutza are some of the dreamy parks around the city. 

San Sebastian Travel Guide

Where are the Best Places to Eat in San Sebastian?

After exploring this breathtaking city, you will need to rest and take a sample of the local cuisine. San Sebastian , as a Basque city, has some of the most tasteful and delicious local flavors in the world.

San Sebastian Travel Guide

Of course, there are some restaurants that serve international dishes, but it would be a shame not to try the traditional ones. The city offers different types of Spanish cuisine, with tapas being the main attraction.

You can find amazing restaurants all over the city that will offer you a culinary experience that words cannot describe. However, you can also visit the local markets, like La Bretxa or San Martin, and get to know all the delicious ingredients that the top chefs use. 

Does San Sebastian offer Great Nightlife?

San Sebastian Travel Guide

Spain, like most Mediterranean countries, offers a memorable nightlife. San Sebastian could be no exception. Those who have visited the city have mentioned that San Sebastian, despite its small size, has a lot to choose from when it comes to bars and clubs.

After dinner and around midnight, you will see the locals visiting some of the beautiful and small bars. These are perfect for a relaxing drink before heading to the fascinating clubs that will keep you busy until the early hours of the morning. You will have no trouble finding both as they are spread all over the city.

When to visit San Sebastian?

San Sebastian travel guide could not be fulfilled without recommend when to visit this wonderful place. San Sebastian is a seaside city. That indicates that it would be a great choice to visit the city for your summer vacation as you would do with islands like Naxos. Additionally, some of the biggest festivals, such as the Dferia Theatre Fair, the International Jazz Festival and the Classical Music Fortnight, take place during the summer months.

However, San Sebastian is a city that never dies. Even if you visit it in the heart of the winter, this magical place will offer you remarkable experiences.

San Sebastian Travel Guide | Wrap up

A trip around the world is always an amazing experience. San Sebastian with all its charm and superb location is a place you must see. Your heart and mind will be so filled with its beauties that you will not want to leave the city.

You should organize your schedule properly to visit as many sights as you can. Our San Sebastian travel guide is just a small sample of the fascinating things this city has to offer, but it’s a great start. So, book your tickets and have fun!

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