How to Create Breathtaking Logos With Canva in 5 Easy Steps

Great companies have wonderful logos to show their power. In order to create a logo with style and a professional touch, you need to have the right tools. With this guide on how to create logos with Canva, we want to introduce you to the Canvas’ platform.

Canva is a design platform with up to 55 million active users. On this platform, you can create almost any design you want, such as logos, social media posts, branding, quizzes, posters, etc.

The platform is user-friendly and also offers a free version that allows you to create excellent designs. Also, they have launched the Canva app that you can use to continue designing your projects.

To create logos with canva, platform offers you a variety of features and tools from its online library such as shapes, frames, photos, videos, templates, etc. You can also insert your own photos, videos or audios and customize them.

Even with the free version, you are able to use many of the features. However, you can purchase the Canva Pro to access all areas of the platform.

What Knowledge is Needed to Create a Logo Design With Canva?

In this case, creating logos with Canva does not require much knowledge. However, you should expect that you will probably face some problems during your first attempts. Rest assured that after a few drafts, you will be able to create stunning logos.

Canva is a really user-friendly platform and this is a great advantage for you. In no time, you will be able to customize any design that you want without any hassle.

5 Steps to Design Logos With Canva 

It is time to create logos with canva. With no further ado, let’s start with our 5 steps. Keep up, it is an easy tutorial to read. 

Sign Up on Canvas Platform For a Free Account

Logos with Canva

As with any other platform, the first thing you need to do is create an account. Go to and sign up. You have 4 options that you can choose from.

  1. Sign in with a Facebook account
  2. Sign in with an Apple account
  3. Sign in with a Google account
  4. Use an existing email to create your own Canva account

Any option you choose will be an easy and quick one. If you have signed up, Canva will redirect you on the main screen of the platform. And now you are ready to create your logos with canva. 

Create a Logo Design

Once you have done the first step, you probably should look at the main screen of the Canvas platform. Now try to find the “Create a Design” button at the top right of your screen. After clicking on it, you need to scroll down until you find the logo design with a resolution of 500*500 and click on it.

Logos with Canva

After clicking on it, Canva will redirect you to a new tab with a blank logo sized design. You can now start customizing your design.

Customize Your Logo Design 

You are now at the step that actually makes up the entire creation of your design. In order to create logos with Canva, the platform provides you with numerous features and tools that you can use. But before you start customizing, you need to give your design a name. To do this, look for the “Name” section right above your design.

The first feature you should look into is the template. Even in the free version, Canva offers a variety of different templates for logo designs. It has already categorized them into many categories, such as restaurant, event, gaming, animated, badges, fashion, etc.

Logos with Canva

If you do not want to use a template, you are going to customize your design yourself. There are many features available to you, such as photos, videos, shapes, lines, charts, frames, and many others. Look for the “Elements” section in the left sidebar of your screen. There you’ll have access to Canvas’ online library with a variety of graphics to choose from.

Logo with Canva

Canva also provides you with a text area. There you can add text to your design, and you have a variety of fonts to choose from. Of course, you can color or customize your texts as you like. If you can’t choose a font for your design take a look at our recent article about “23 Awesome font you frame a logo design”.

Logo with Canva

Try Every Feature Canva Provides 

After you are done with the big last step. You should take a look at the animation section. Canva gives you many animations that you can use in your designs, such as Fade, Block, Tumble, Breath, etc. We definitely recommend using an animation as it will give your design a more professional look.

Logo with Canva

Download Your Logo Design

You have now created your first logo with Canva. The final and very important step is to download it. Look for the “Download” button in the upper right corner of your screen. After you click on it, look at the options you have.

Logo with Canva

If you used an animation feature, you will need to download your design in mp4 format, which is a video. However, if you did not use animation, you can choose between a png and a jpg format.

Can I Create a Logo Design With Canva App?

Absolutely! Canva has launched a great app. With it, you can create any designs you want, such as on the PC Canvas platform. The Canva app is designed for both Apple and Android.

Additionally, the Canva app is a network friendly app as it does not consume much mobile data if you want to use it with them.

Design logos With Canva | Wrap Up 

Creating logos with Canva is a good choice. Now that you have read this guide, you are well prepared, even if it’s your first attempt with the Canva platform. Be creative and remember to check out every feature that is available to you. Alright, you are now ready to create a beautiful logo.

If you enjoyed reading this tutorial and it helped you out. Then we would be very happy if you could take a look at our other tutorials about Canva. You can read them here.

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