Rome Travel Guide | 17 Best Things to Do in Rome, Italy

Choosing your next vacation destination can be difficult. However, if you have never been to Rome, the choice will be much easier. Rome is one of the most fascinating cities in the world and is not called the “Eternal City” for nothing.

From Roman mythology to modern times, Rome is one of the most historic and breathtaking cities in Europe, along with Madrid and Florence. Cultural buildings and monuments that can be found all over the city will leave you amazed and enthralled.

Visiting Rome is a journey that you must make at least once in your life. You will be so enthralled by all the amazing sights that you will not want to leave. However, there are numerous outstanding sights that you can visit and the choice is never easy.

For this reason, we have created this Rome travel guide. It can help you organize your schedule and see as many places as possible. So without further ado, let us explore all the must-see sights in Rome.

Rome travel guide

What are the Best Things to Do in Rome?

Historical Buildings

Every corner of the city center hides a unique historic building for you to admire. It’s not always easy to decide which one to visit first, and at some point you may feel like you do not have enough time. However, before you leave the city, you should at least visit the following ones.

The Colosseum is one of the most impressive and symbolic amphitheaters not only in Italy, but in the entire world. It was built back in 70 AD and remains the largest standing amphitheater in the world.

Rome travel guide

If you book a ticket for the Colosseum, you will also have access to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. All of these sites are close together and you can visit them in one day. Both the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill are impressive and worth spending some time there. 

Rome travel guide

One of the most popular and famous historical buildings in Rome is the Pantheon. This outstanding Roman temple with Corinthian columns dominates the city center. The temple was designed and built by Marcus Agrippa, but after a fire it was rebuilt by Hadrian around 126 AD. 

Rome travel guide

Talking about unique buildings, Teatro Marcello cannot be missed in this Rome travel guide. It is one of the most beautiful ancient open-air theaters in Italy. Construction was completed in 13 BC and it opened its doors to the public in 12 BC.

Rome travel guide


One of the most known places in Rome is Vatican City. This independent city-state includes both the St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel. The Vatican museums host some of the most impressive and unique masterpieces of the Renaissance, with the highlight to be the Last Judgment by Michaelangelo. 

Rome Travel Guide | 17 Best Things to Do in Rome, Italy

Just a few blocks away from the Roman Forum, the Capitoline Museum will leave you breathless. The emblematic and beautiful building in combination with the outstanding exhibitions it hosts will fully amaze you. 

Rome Travel Guide | 17 Best Things to Do in Rome, Italy

Heading up north, you will come across Galleria Borghese. It is one of the greatest art galleries in Rome. It hosts numerous fascinating artworks by well-known artists, like Bernini and Caravaggio, that you shouldn’t miss. 

The Castel Sant’ Angelo can be seen from far away and will surely catch your eye. The Castel’s first use was as a Mausoleum of Hadrian and his family. Throughout the years, it was used as a fortress and nowadays has become one of the amazing museums in Rome. 

Rome Travel Guide | 17 Best Things to Do in Rome, Italy


As mentioned in Florence’s travel guide, Italy has a great religious spirit. That’s the reason why Rome, as the capital, couldn’t lack having some of the most impressive and beautiful catholic churches. 

One of the most emblematic and well-known churches in the world is the St. Peter’s Basilica. The temple is located inside the Vatican City and it is the most renowned masterpiece of Renaissance architecture. Created by Michaelangelo, Bernini, and some other outstanding artists, the St. Peter’s Basilica remains the largest temple in the world when it comes to interior space. 

Rome Travel Guide | 17 Best Things to Do in Rome, Italy

Talking about emblematic churches, we couldn’t miss the Saint John Lateran temple. It is the seat of the bishop of Rome and is located 4kh outside of Vatican City. Saint John Lateran holds the title of “archbasilica” and it is the oldest basilica of the western world. 

Rome Travel Guide | 17 Best Things to Do in Rome, Italy

Walking around the city you will find numerous amazing churches. However, Santa Maria Maggiore is a temple worth visiting. It was built in 432 on Esquiline Hill and till today it remains the largest Catholic Marian church in Rome. 

Rome Travel Guide | 17 Best Things to Do in Rome, Italy

Walks Around the City

Rome is one of the best cities to get to know on foot. In every corner, you can see something unique that will make you forget the fact that you walk for many hours. Plus, most of the main attractions and historical sites are located in the city center.

One of the most amazing and beautiful sights you have to visit is Fontana di Trevi. It is one of the largest Baroque fountains in the world and we just couldn’t leave it out of our Rome travel guide. There is a myth mentioning that if you throw a coin in Fontana di Trevi making a wish, your wish will come true. So, don’t miss the opportunity and take a walk to this famous fountain. 

Rome Travel Guide | 17 Best Things to Do in Rome, Italy

Another wonderful place to visit is Piazza di Spagna. It is one of the most well-known squares in Rome and it’s just under the Spanish Steps. In the heart of the Piazza, there is the outstanding Fontana Della Barcaccia, created by Bernini and his son. 

Rome Travel Guide | 17 Best Things to Do in Rome, Italy

There are many more stunning squares and places you can visit in the city. The St. Peter’s Square, just outside of the St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City. The Campo di Fiori, which means “the field of flowers”, is another great choice to spend some relaxing time. 

Rome Travel Guide | 17 Best Things to Do in Rome, Italy

What to Eat in Rome?|Rome Travel Guide

We couldn’t make a Rome travel guide and not speak about food. Italy is known for its flavorful cuisine and wonderful local flavors. From tiny restaurants throughout the city to those with Michelin stars, you will enjoy a remarkable dinner. The culinary experiences in Rome will leave you full and impressed.

It’s an open secret that there are two dishes you absolutely must try when visiting Rome for the first time. First, pizza! Originating from Italy, pizza is one of the most famous yet amazing dishes you can try.

Rome Travel Guide | 17 Best Things to Do in Rome, Italy

If you are not a pizza person or want to try something different, pasta is always a good choice in Italy. Italians are famous for their great taste experiences when it comes to pasta. Do not just choose the usual pasta recipes, but also some local ones.

Does Rome Offer a Great Nightlife?

When it comes to nightlife, Rome has numerous fascinating options to offer. It is well known that nightlife in Italy starts after midnight and lasts until the wee hours of the morning. The options for a great nightlife are numerous.

Rome Travel Guide | 17 Best Things to Do in Rome, Italy

Depending on what time of year you will visit Rome, you can go to clubs, pubs and rooftop bars. During the summer months, the nightlife gets especially lively and the rooftop parties are the main attraction.

However, whenever you visit the capital of Italy, you will not be disappointed. Some of the most famous clubs host parties every week and the fantastic local bars will help you have the best time of your life.

When to Visit Rome?

Rome can be described as a year-round tourist destination. However, there are numerous sights to visit in the city, so the weather must be your friend. Therefore, in this Rome travel guide we recommend that it is better to travel to Italy in spring or autumn. A sunny sky and a mind-rage temperature can make your days magical.

On the other hand, Italy and especially Rome are simply breathtaking in the winter months. Snow is rare, but all the holy spirit in the city will give you the best time of your life.

Rome Travel Guide | 17 Best Things to Do in Rome, Italy

During the summer months, Italy is a Mediterranean country and the temperatures soar. So you might find it hard to walk around the city for hours. However, all the great rooftop bars are usually open during these months.

Whenever you visit Rome, you can find amazing things to do. Visit the Eternal City when you can find some time, no matter what month it is, and you will be amazed by the beautiful things you can see.

Rome Travel Guide | Wrap Up

Rome is a city that everyone must visit at least once in their lifetime. The history, the architecture, the religious spirit of the Vatican City, the masterpieces of the greatest artists are waiting for you.

Our Rome travel guide includes the most famous sights of the city, which are also the heart of Italian culture. One article is not enough to show all the amazing places hiding in Rome, but it is more than enough to present the must-see attractions.

Book your tickets, take only a backpack and get ready to explore the alleys of the Italian capital.

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