17 Best 1970s Fonts | Free and Premium Typefaces

If you think about it, 1970s fonts are perfect for any groovy, retro or funky design. Who does not love the seventies, right? Well, we know that 70s inspired designs will always be in fashion.

Everyone knows that this decade brought great changes in almost every aspect of our society. The 1970s were full of disco vibes, but also a time of technological innovation and political struggle.

So how can we fit all of this into one font? Well, it’s probably impossible. That’s why we tested more than 40 1970s fonts and picked our 19 favorites!

Our selection of 1970s fonts will frame any vintage design you have in mind.

Let’s get nostalgic! 

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Best 12 Premium 1970s Fonts

1. Creative Vintage Font Duo

1970s fonts 1

If you’re looking for a 1970s font that has a unique, vintage charm, you should know that it doesn’t get any better than this. Creative Vintage is an amazing font that can also be used as a display Christmas font for relevant designs.

2. Summer 0f 76

1970s fonts  2

Summer of 76 is a top-notch nostalgic font designed by the well-known Darumo Shop. This is a classic multi-line 1970s font that every designer should own. The bundle includes two styles (solid and multi-line).

3. Margin

1970s fonts 3

It isn’t the first time that we suggest Margin. In fact, this is one of our favorite fonts on the market. The retro looks of this font makes it an ideal choice for 1970s designs. If you need to frame a vintage logo, poster or anything else, this is the font for you.

4. Stay Trendy

1970s fonts 4

Are you looking for an ultimately groovy font for your designs? If so, Stay Trendy is your best bet. As a handwritten font, this is a perfect choice for numerous retro projects. 

5. Aiyari Handmade Font Bundle

1970s fonts 5

Aiyari is an enormous bundle of handmade fonts. When we first tested this package, we couldn’t believe in our eyes. With 80+ fonts and more than 100 graphic extras for any occasion, this is the ultimate value bundle.

6. Far Out!

1970s fonts 6

Midnight Grim has designed one of our favorite 1970s fonts. Apart from the unique typeface, the package includes numerous beautiful graphics that will come handy in any groovy project. We consider this to be an amazing choice for logo designs.

7. Jambore

1970s fonts 7

Jambore is the perfect bold font for 1970s designs. With multilingual support and a great support team, Jambore proves to be one of the most reliable choices. The font is perfect for advertisements, vintage posters, headlines, and more.

8. Ramdone – Retro Script

1970s fonts 8

This is one of the best retro script fonts we have ever tested. Ramdone is the perfect choice for fun 1960s and 1970s projects. The package includes all uppercase and lowercase characters, numbers and punctuation.

9. Groovy Fruity

1970s fonts 9

Are you looking for a balanced 1970s font? If that’s the case, Groovy Fruity is the font for you. Sans & Sans has managed to create a font that looks modern and retro at the same time. This is why Groovy Fruity is one of the most flexible fonts out there.

10. California Palms Fonts & Graphics 

1970s fonts 10

California Palms is a bundle of 6 vintage fonts. We really enjoyed using this bundle in more than one project. The package includes SVG and Regular fonts for you to choose from. 

11. Indigo Moon

1970s fonts 11

Indigo Moon is the perfect choice for those looking for a serif 1970s font. We really liked the hand drawn twist and the beautiful ligatures of this typeface. The package includes not only all characters, numerals, punctuation, but also glyphs and alternates. 

12. The Country Blues

1970s fonts 12

Is your next project related to vinyl records and movie covers? If so, The Country Blues font will frame it perfectly. With a beautiful selection of stylistic alternates, this is a unique 1970s font that you have to try.

Best 5 Free 1970s Fonts

1. Fredam Theory Font

1970s fonts free 1

Fredam Theory is by far our favorite free 1970s font. No matter what your vintage project is all about, this groovy font will be ideal. Note that the typeface is free for personal use only (license required for commercial use). Fredam Theory works perfectly for groovy t-shirt designs, logos, and more.

2. Bratsy Script Font

1970s fonts free 2

With more than 100,000 downloads, Bratsy Script is a 1970s font that needs no introduction. We have used this font in many retro projects. And the best part; you can easily download the font and test it for free. Then, if you feel like it, you can purchase a commercial license to use Bratsy on your upcoming vintage designs. 

3. ChopinScript Font

1970s fonts free 3

If you are looking for an elegant 1970s font, ChopinScript is the one for you. During our testing, we had no problem downloading and using this font in Photoshop for our designs. Finally, this is a public domain font that can be used on any commercial or personal design.

4. Urban Jungle

1970s fonts free 4

If you want to combine the 1970s with an urban design, Urban Jungle is your best bet. This is a beautiful display font that has everything you need and more. If you want to use this font for commercial use, you have to obtain a commercial license from the designer.

5. Monoton Font

1970s fonts free5

Our last suggestion is Monoton, a breathtaking multi-line 1970s font. The package includes a beautiful display font, specially designed to frame posters, branding designs and more. Monoton is free for personal and commercial use. 

Wrap up

Although this is quite a paradox, vintage designs will always be in fashion. This is why having a great 1970s font is always a smart choice for you as a designer. We hope that our top selection included the perfect font for your upcoming retro projects!

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