14 Best Premium and Free Hobbit Fonts for 2022

If your next project is all about the Hobbit films and you get lost in all the suggested fonts, don’t worry. It doesn’t matter if you are planning a Hobbit gathering or a theme party, because we have the solution for you.

We have thoroughly researched and selected the 14 best Hobbit fonts that are suitable for any design, such as posters and flyers. 

Even if you want to combine the Hobbit fonts with Lord of the Rings fonts, you can do it easily.

Are you ready to dive into a fantasy world and make your creations look as if they were taken straight from Middle Earth? Well, in this blog post you’ll find the fonts you have been dreaming of.

Let’s dive into the most awesome premium and free Hobbit fonts.

10 Best Premium Hobbit Fonts

Candelabra Font

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The first in our list is the blackletter font Candelabra. It will easily introduce you to the fantasy world so that you can create the best Hobbit designs. This mystical font can inspire anyone who wants to show off the spirit of the elves.

The bundle also includes as a bonus 8 layer styles with instructions and 10 flares that you can use to add an atmospheric finishing touch to your designs.

House of the Dragon

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One of the best medieval fonts that will set the scene for your project is House of the Dragon. It seems to come directly from the mysterious universe of Middle Earth. 

In the package you will get uppercase and lowercase letters, punctuation, numbers and amazing symbols.

Near Myth

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When Celtic and medieval styles were combined, Near Myth was born. It will remind you of ancient scrolls containing curses and wise words written ages ago. If your next project is about myths related to the Hobbit movies, this is the best way to go!

Osgard Pro

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Osgard Pro is one of our favorite Hobbit typefaces, as there is no other better suited for an Elvish-themed design. The long swass ends along with the uppercase and lowercase letters make for a perfect result.

The bundle includes swash extras and other features.

Heavy Rain

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Our next font will remind you of the book Bilbo once wrote. It combines the Middle Ages with a classic historical style. The ornamental capital letters are perfect for any kind of project.

Along with these magnificent capital letters you will get special characters like symbols and punctuation marks.

Steffany Wolfeng – Blackletter Font

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This Blackletter font is taken from medieval books and is therefore one of the best for your next Hobbit-themed project.

The bundle includes not only uppercase and lowercase letters, but also features like alternates, numbers, ligatures and punctuation.


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Yugitoy is a unique and Victorian typeface. If you are looking for a retro font that reminds you of the Hobbit, this is the best way to go.

The pack offers a wide range of features such as ligatures, alternates and numbers as extras to the uppercase and lowercase letters.

Barbatos Modern Blackletter Font

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The Edukka team has developed an amazingly nerdy font. Whether you want to use it on posters, logos, or even themed mugs! 

The best part is that it supports multilingual characters. It also includes numbers and punctuation. 


hobbit fonts

How about a stunning and dark elvish font? This is one of our favorite fonts that will effortlessly bring the movies to life.

The mystical atmosphere that this font will create is inspired by the ancient Celtic writing style. You will receive “medium” and “aged” fonts.

Lodbrok Celtic 

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The last of our premium selection of fonts is the Celtic font Lodbrok, which harmoniously combines the Hobbit movies and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It is a stylish calligraphy font that will look great in any project.

The bundle includes basic Latin and Scandinavian characters that you can use to present your thematic creations.

4 Best Free Hobbit Fonts

Elvish Ring NFI Font 

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As one of our favorite free Hobbit fonts, the Elvish Ring needs no introduction. If you love the elvish language Tolkin created, this is the best way to go. Ready to sparkle your next middle-earth design?

Morris Roman Font

14 Best Premium and Free Hobbit Fonts for 2022

Morris Roman is a free (for both personal and commercial use) Hobbit font that can easily be used in any medieval-related project. We really enjoyed using this typeface for vintage logos, fantasy posters and much more.

Ringbearer Font

14 Best Premium and Free Hobbit Fonts for 2022

It would be a deficiency if we didn’t add Ringbearer to our list. This font is free for personal use and promises to beautifully frame any fantasy and medieval project. We particularly enjoyed using this typeface for headlines related to the Hobbit books and movies. 

Aniron Font

14 Best Premium and Free Hobbit Fonts for 2022

Last but not least, we have Aniron; a breathtaking font created by Thehutt. Downloading and installing this font on any digital drawing or graphic design software is very easy. The package comes with two alterations of the typeface (regular and bold). 

Wrap Up

We know how important medieval and fantasy fonts are for you as a graphic designer or sci-fi fan. The Hobbit fonts showcased above are by far our favorite on the market. Of course, the list could go on forever. If you need more inspiration, you can check our latest selections of top-tier free and premium fonts.

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