Best 12 Instagram Mockups for Advertising

The Internet has become a big part of our lives and we rely on it to find everything we are looking for. That’s why there are numerous shops that have created online websites where you can buy anything you wish for. 

However, as there are plenty of online shops, you need to do something to make your products stand out and excel. The easiest way to do so is via advertising mostly in social media. 

When it comes to choosing the right social media you don’t need to overthink it. Any of them could work. However, Instagram mockups have a special touch that can make any project look really unique. 

So, let’s take a closer look at the best, premium and free, Instagram mockups for advertising we could find for you. 

Best 8 Premium Instagram Mockups for Advertising

Instagram mockup

Instagram mockups

Before you are ready to compete against the best online shops out there, you have to see how your Instagram page will look like. That’s why this mockup is the right one for this job. The package includes all the Instagram pages where you can easily upload your designs. 

You should use this Instagram mockup to make sure your company’s social media looks like you have imagined. Don’t forget that your website should be as perfect as possible to attract more people. 

Mobile mockup

Instagram mockups

Poego Social has created a great Instagram mockup collection that you should explore at least once. The package has all the necessary profile pages, even the dark mode ones, that you can use for taking a sneak peek on how your Instagram page will look. 

The collection also includes image guides and quick mockups for Canva. You should use both of them to make your designs more outstanding and fascinating. 

Post mockup

Instagram mockups

If you are looking for an Instagram post mockup that can help you see how your products will be presented then this is the right one for you. With the package, you will get 6 PSD files with customizable background and casing colors. 

The Eka Restu D. Putra has designed this collection to make your life easier. You can be confident that everything looks perfect and eye-catching. 

Summer Sunlight

Instagram mockups

If you are tired of the classic Instagram mockups then you should take a look at the amazing Summer Sunlight collection. It includes stunning stationery mockups and unique photos that can easily combine them with your products.

You can upload the outcome of this combination on your Instagram account and see how the people will respond. However, you shouldn’t doubt that they will love it as everyone wants something different. 


Instagram mockups

My Social Boutique has created the ultimate Instagram mockup kit. The package includes everything you are looking for to make your company’s Instagram page stand out. There are over 100 post and story templates that you can use to present your products. 

Everything is possible with this amazing collection. From carousel to great announcements and mini games. So, get ready to make your business project look special and detailed. 


Instagram mockups

If you are looking for Instagram mockups with a casual, authentic vibe then this collection is the best one for you. The package includes many different stationery mockups, amazing shadow options, and beautiful background images. 

Give it a try and see if this collection can represent your products in the right way. If it does, you only have to upload it on your Instagram account and wait for customers to visit your website. 


Instagram mockups

If you own a cosmetics company then these are the best Instagram mockups for advertising your products. In particular, this collection has unique minimal bottle mockups perfect for representing bubble bath, shampoo, or even perfumes. 

There are 4 PSD files that you can use as you want and see if the outcome is what you expected. Plus, it includes a PDF instructions file that you can consult for making your designs look perfect.  

Frames & Walls

Instagram mockups

If you are an artist and you need to advertise your work via Instagram then this is the right mockup collection for you. The package includes numerous different images with walls, with frames, or even without background. 

There are over 100 separate frames that you can use and make your designs look amazing and fascinating. Give them a try and see how your projects will look like. 

Best 4 Free Instagram Mockups for Advertising


Instagram mockups

The minimal and beautifully designed mockups for advertising can make the difference in social media. That’s why these boho Instagram mockups can make your products excel. 

See if your designs can fit with the style of mockups and how the combination looks like. Then, publish them on Instagram and let the people know that your products are available and your team can help them if necessary. 

Best 12 Instagram Mockups for Advertising

One of the most beautiful and smart abilities of Instagram is that it allows you to make a carousel with your photos. This package includes unique and fascinating images that you can use and make the perfect carousel.

Advertise your product in a different way to make more and more people notice your work. Instagram awaits your designs to make your firm known worldwide. 


Best 12 Instagram Mockups for Advertising

Minimal Instagram mockups are always a great idea for advertising products and companies online. The amazing white, light pink, and beige colors can make any of your designs stand out.

You only have to try these mockups out and you will be amazed with the outstanding outcome. Upload it on Instagram and let the whole world find more about your products. 

New Collection  

Best 12 Instagram Mockups for Advertising

Every new collection of products that you create needs to have the best possible advertising. These Instagram mockups can help you make your company known to everyone out there.

This puzzle feed is perfect for representing your products and making them look special and with character. Make sure it is what you imagined before you upload it on Instagram. 


Advertising your company or your products on social media can be tricky. That’s why you should find the right way to present your work online. So, we created the list above to make your life easier and help you discover some of the best Instagram mockups on the market.

Of course you could use some of the branding or the flyer mockups but the Instagram ones are truly unique. So, give them a chance to show you that you can rely on them to get the job done. 

However, you should choose the collection that allows your products to look fascinating and unique. Select the one that represents the character of your company in the best way and it’s not just beautiful.

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