Best 7 Free Photo Collage Apps | iOS and Android

You have every reason to search for the best photo collage apps on the market. Such mobile apps are what you need when you create a special, new project. You can use them to design great collages for numerous occasions like birthdays or even show off your artwork. 

If you do not feel ready to reveal your designs, you can keep them in your photo galleries. Or, if you need extra protection, use a photo hiding app to make sure no one can see them until you want them to.

However, if you combine your photos with the photo collage app, the result will be so stunning that you will not want to hide it anymore. There are many excellent photo and video collage apps, but you should find the one you like the most.

If you are interested in free photo collage apps, you just need to read on!

Best 2 Photo Collage Apps for iOS 

PhotoGrid – Picture Collage

best photo collage apps 1

KS Mobile, Inc. has developed one of the most amazing photo collage apps for iOS devices. With over 20000 pre-made layouts, you can easily create stunning photo and video collages.

There are also numerous excellent stickers that you can customise to your designs to make them unique. And if you want to add text to your collage, you will find over 1000 fonts to choose from.

Even with video editing, you can “play” with the speed and make it look exactly the way you want.

Pros Cons 
Free (in-app purchases)Only for iOS devices
4.9/5 rating in the App Store 
Includes a wealth of layouts and stickers 

Collage Maker

best photo collage apps 2

If you are looking for one of the best photo collage editing apps, then this is the app for you. There are more than 20000 layouts and many customizable layouts to make your photo collage the way you want.

The app also lets you change the background of the photo, add stickers and shapes or text and captions. Plus, you can create awesome freestyle collages with thousands of pre-made templates.

Pros Cons 
Free (in-app subscription) Only available in the App Store
4.5/5 rating Contains numerous ads
Easy to use even by beginners 

Best 2 Photo Collage Apps for Android

Collage Maker | Photo editor

best photo collage apps 3

Photo Editor & Collage Maker has created a unique photo collage app that has everything you want. With as many as 20 photos and the beautiful layouts, you can easily create a wonderful collage.

This photo collage app also has some great editing tools that you can use anytime you want. The amazing filters, backgrounds, and excellent fonts are ready to frame your next project.

You can also add some of the most special stickers and all the emojis that the app includes. This way, your collage will look stunning and stand out automatically.

Free (in-app purchases) For Android only
5/5 rating in Play StoreContains many advertisements 
Has excellent editing tools 

Photo Collage Maker

best photo collage apps 4

If you are looking for the best photo collage making app for your next project, then this is the best option for you. This app is perfect for creating collages with beautiful layouts and different backgrounds.

The high resolution, filters and cropping feature are great editing tools that you can easily use. Plus, with the fascinating stickers, you can take your photo collage to the next level.

An important aspect of this photo collage app is the different photo sources. You can take a photo with your camera, from your social media or even from the internet. Also, you can share your designs with your family and online friends.

Pros Cons 
Free (in-app subscription)Only available for Android
4.7/5 rating Contains lots of advertising
Many great features 

Best 3 Photo Collage Apps for Both iOS and Android

Creative Cloud Express: Design

best photo collage apps 5

Adobe Inc. has developed one of the best photo collage editing apps for both Android and iOS devices. You can use this amazing app for numerous projects like birthday wishes and professional designs.

There are a variety of excellent templates that you can use to frame and highlight your designs. You can also add an animated video and text to your collage and see how it looks.

Pros Cons 
Free (in-app purchases)Many features require subscription 
Available for iOS and Android 
4.9/5 rating on App Store, 4.2/5 rating on Play Store  
Easy to use 


best photo collage apps 6

Canva is a great photo collage maker app that you can find in both the Play Store and the App Store. As one of the best photo collage apps, Canva offers a wealth of amazing editing tools. 

You can add stickers, filters, and effects to your photos to make your collage stand out. The millions of graphics and templates will make your life easier. Finally, video editing will not cost you much time, since it’s quite simple.

Pros Cons 
Free (in-app subscription)Most of the great graphics want the paying plans
For both iOS and Android 
4.9/5 rating on the App Store, 4.8/5 rating on Play Store 
Includes many amazing editing tools 

Google Photos

best photo collage apps 7

If you are looking for one of the most excellent photo collage apps without borders then this is the one for you. You can keep your memories in one place and create stunning collages from them.

To be honest, Google Photos is more of a photo gallery app where you can save your pictures than a photo collage app. However, it does include some excellent collage tools to help you get the job done.

Pros Cons 
Free (in-app purchases) Looks more like a photo gallery app
Available for Android and iOS   
4.7/5 rating on the App Store, 4.6/5 rating on the Play Store  
Simple to use  

Final Thoughts

Any of the above photo collage apps are perfect for making your photos and designs stand out. They can help you create amazing projects, not only for professional purposes, but also for personal fun.

If you are making a birthday surprise, we have an additional tip for you. After you create the best photo collage, take a mini printer and print out your design. This way your loved one will have something they can always carry with them.


What Makes a Good Photo Collage App?

You can find plenty of amazing photo collage apps on the market with impressive features. A good photo collage app includes numerous customizable layouts, lots of playful stickers, unique fonts and excellent filters. Last but not least, you can easily share your creations on social media.

Do I Need to Pay to Use Photo Collage Apps?

You can use the basic package of most photo collage apps for free. However, all photo collage apps in the list above offer payment plans. If you want to use the advanced editing tools and have more options for layouts and stickers, you should opt for a subscription.

Is There an Easy Photo Collage App?

If you are a beginner and looking for a simple photo collage app, Collage Maker | Photo Editor is for you. Thanks to the simple editing tools and the beautiful and beginner-friendly environment, this photo collage app is really easy to use.

Which App to Choose for Multiple Photo Collages?

All of the photo collage apps on our list are ideal for multiple photo collages. However, PhotoGrid offers some unique features that allow you to create stunning collages in no time. With the amazing layouts and special stickers, you will create extraordinary works.

Canva vs Creative Cloud Express: Which Is the Best?

Canva and Creative Cloud Express are the two best photo collage apps available for both iOS and Android. However, Canva offers a variety of impressive editing tools, great graphics and stickers, special layouts, and a unique user interface. Once you get to know the app, you’ll never change it.

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