13 Best Vampire Fonts | Premium and Free

Many of us are obsessed with vampires and we love how these half-human creatures look and act. If you are one of those people who do not miss vampire-related movies and series, you will be thrilled with our selection of the best vampire fonts.

If you are a designer who needs a vampire font free or premium, you’re at the right place as well!

The vampire fonts can be gothic, medieval, classic ‘80s and funny! If you want to pick up the theme and stand out from the crowd with unique selections like the Halloween and the Walking Dead fonts, here is your chance! You can create amazing posters, invitations, prints and so much more!

Enjoy the selection and choose your favorite(s)!

Best 9 Vampire Premium Fonts 

Freaky Story

13 Best Vampire Fonts | Premium and Free

Freaky Story font is a unique blend of classic and modern approach to vampire fonts. You can easily adapt the font to any object and project. The special thing about this font is that the lowercase letters remind you of the good old scary vampires. The package includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and punctuation.


13 Best Vampire Fonts | Premium and Free

If you are looking for a faded, detailed, yet strong font, Ebenezer is the font for you. With its intense and eerie appeal, this font creates a stir and has a vintage touch. Ebenezer is one of the best vampire fonts on the market. It is available in most European and Latin languages, so you can make your message stand out.

Fright Night

13 Best Vampire Fonts | Premium and Free

Vampires have always been considered mysterious and scary creatures. With the Fright Night theme, you can give readers that feeling, combined with a touch of horror. Fright Night is a vampire font to copy and paste to all your favorite objects. If you are a vampire freak like us, you will never get bored with this font.

Dracula Vibes

13 Best Vampire Fonts | Premium and Free

Let’s explore the Dracula Vibes theme now, a classic gothic vampire font from the glorious 80s. With a dose of blood and horror, this font can be your best ally to attract attention! The bundle includes uppercase letters and three variations, so you can choose the best one for you.

Vampire Fonts

13 Best Vampire Fonts | Premium and Free

The fun yet creepy side of a vampire can be recreated with the help of Vampire Fonts. The bold and curved edges are a fantastic combination for posters, t-shirts and more. You can even see the slight scratches in some of the letters.

Under Terror

13 Best Vampire Fonts | Premium and Free

Next is the Under Terror font, that merges fear with minimalism. This font is one of the best Vampire fonts we tested during our review. With vampires, you can definitely take a contemporary point of view and stand out. Underlining and ligatures are also included in the package.


13 Best Vampire Fonts | Premium and Free

Labels, posters and even vampire-themed invitations can be easily recreated using Hewalk letters. This font contains all the gothic, dark and balkan heritage. This is one of the best vampire fonts we could find on the market. The bundle supports multilingual characters.


13 Best Vampire Fonts | Premium and Free

Raymond is the perfect fusion of calligraphy and mystery to create a unique and unforgettable font. The essence of faded letters will make you shiver and stand out from others. The package includes all uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as punctuation and special characters.


13 Best Vampire Fonts | Premium and Free

Draculon shows the fun and playful side of vampires. This is a historical typeface that was inspired by a 15th century manuscript! If you want to show the human side of a vampire, this is the font for you. The bundle includes some Cyrillic writing systems, among others.

Best 4 Vampire FreeFonts 

Vampire Wars font

13 Best Vampire Fonts | Premium and Free

Surely you have heard of Vampire Wars, a strategy game set in a viscous and dark vampire world. This is one of the best free Vampire Wars fonts that combines your love for the game and for this world.

Normal Font

13 Best Vampire Fonts | Premium and Free

Normal Font by Riky Vampdator is one of the most classic and intense vampire fonts available for free download that can literally be used on anything! You’ll love the curved and blood-soaked edges. The letters are rendered as smoothly as possible, but with a dose of angst at the same time.

Vampiress Font

13 Best Vampire Fonts | Premium and Free

You can use the next great Vampiress font for free for personal use. Vampiress font reminds us of Tim Burton’s classic movies with a pinch of the unforgettable Hotel Transylvania! The perfect combination, not only for adults, but also for kids. The bundle includes upper and lower case letters, numbers and punctuation.

Mister Vampire Font

13 Best Vampire Fonts | Premium and Free

Last but not least, in our selection of the best free vampire fonts on the market, we chose Mister Vampire Font, a vintage font, playful and perfect for Halloween projects. It contains all letters, punctuation marks and numbers. It’s free for personal and commercial use.


Since you are reading this conclusion, you love and appreciate good vampire fonts and wonder which of the above typefaces could be the best for your upcoming projects. That’s great, because you can take a close look at the above themes and choose one or more of the best vampire fonts. Have fun designing anything you can imagine with these fonts.

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