6 Best Mexican Dinner Recipes For A Unique Fiesta​

If you love a great Mexican food recipe, you are at the right place. Let’s discover some of the best traditional Mexican foods and find out the original recipes.


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Hola! Mexico is popular for many different reasons. Food and drinks are just some of those. Mexican cuisine has changed from the Maya period till the early years. However, mazie, or most commonly corn, beans and chili peppers are still main ingredients. 

When traveling to Mexico there are some authentic Mexican foods you have to try at least once. Nowadays, you can find Mexican food all over the world but the taste might have some differences. 

That’s why, in this article, we will discover all the outstanding Mexican food recipes you should try on your next visit to Mexico. If you can’t wait till then, just grab the ingredients and start cooking a traditional Mexican dinner on your own.

Special Fun Facts About Mexican Food

Fun Facts is a great way to get to know a country or, in our case, a cuisine. So, let’s find out some of the most impressive and funny facts about Mexican food.

  • In Mexico, there is the Dia del Taco, or National Taco Day, which is celebrated on the 31st of March. On the other hand, in the USA, National Taco Day is on the 4th of October. Select one and make your tacos!
  • Caesar Salad was firstly created in Mexico by Caesar and his brother, Alex, in 1924.
  • Tomato plants originated in Mexico and after the Spanish conquest came to Europe. 
  • Mexican avocado wasn’t imported in the USA till 1997. 
  • Tamales is one of the oldest Mexican foods, originating 8000 years back. 
  • The Spanish conquests discovered chocolate, for the first time, in Mexico.  
  • Tacos was firstly mentioned for wrapped gunpowder with paper sheets. 

Best Mexican Dinner Recipes for a Unique Fiesta



As mentioned before, Tamales are one of the most authentic and traditional Mexican foods you can find in the country.

Tamales are wrapped corn or banana leaves stuffed with plenty of different ingredients. You can add pork, chopped chicken or mole with salsa, cheese and, of course, some corn kernels. 

One of the greatest things about Tamales is the fact that they can also be sweet. Stuff the banana or corn leaves with numerous fruits, nuts, caramel or chocolate and create a unique Tamale dish.


When someone refers to Mexico, one of the best Mexican dinner recipes that comes to your mind is tacos. Tacos are usually corn tortillas filled with a wide variety of stuffing that changes from region to region. 

You can easily add to your taco anything you have in your fridge. Steak, pork, beef, chicken, chorizo, beans, chili peppers and avocado are just some of the most common and favorite fillings for this authentic Mexican dinner.


Pozole is a traditional Mexican food with a dark past. There are many different histories about the use of the Pozole soup. Some mention that it was used in the ritual of sacrifices. On the other side, a myth says that this Mexican dinner recipe included human flesh. Go figure!

These days, Pozole soup contains ingredients like chopped chicken, pork, turkey, or even seafood. Additionally, many add vegetables, herbs and spices, onions, cabbage, radishes and corn. 

We have a tip for you! Serve Pozole warm with some tortillas alongside for a completed meal and get ready to impress everyone.

Chile en Nogada

Chile en Nogada is one of the most traditional Mexican recipes that the locals cook every year on Mexican Independence Day. This dish includes a Poblano pepper filled with picadillo. Picadillo is a mixture made of chopped meat, some fruits and a lot of spices. 

The interesting fun fact about the Chile en Nogada is that it represents the colors of the Mexican flag. The Poblano pepper is the green color, the sauce made by walnuts represents the white color and, lastly, the pomegranate seeds on top are the red.


Burritos are one of the most famous Mexican dinner recipes but their birthplace is still unknown. However, it is really beloved in northern Mexico where the people cook them in many different ways. 

When cooking a burrito you only gonna need a tortilla and a fill of your taste. You can add anything you want on your burrito but the classic Mexican dinner recipe includes beans and a lot of cheese.


Mole is one of the best Mexican foods you can taste in the country. There are a lot of cities that claim to be the birthplace of the Mole sauce but nothing is clear in this matter. 

Different types of this authentic Mexican recipe include over 20 ingredients. Some of these are tomatoes, spices, herbs, dried chili peppers and even chocolate. Mole is usually served with chicken or wild turkey.

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Final Thoughts

Why should you take Mexican food delivery when you can cook Mexican dinner recipes on your own?! Our list with the best Mexican foods include some of the most tasteful recipes we found on the web and tried in our kitchen.


Is Mexican food gluten-free?

Most of the ingredients used in Mexican cuisine are gluten-free. So, if you are paying attention in your diet there are a lot of recipes you can find that don't include gluten. Just give them a try.

Is Mexican dinner easy to create?

As in every cuisine, there are easy and difficult Mexican recipes you can cook. So, try to discover some simple Mexican foods to cook if this is your first time you get involved with Mexican cuisine.

What is the best Mexican dinner recipe?

There are a lot of amazing Mexican dinner recipes you can cook for a unique fiesta. However, which one is the best, is on you to decide. Each person loves different flavors so there cannot be only one recipe. Though, tacos and pozole are 2 of the most popular.

Is Mexican dinner healthy?

In most Mexican foods there are ingredients like tomatoes, beans and vegetables that are healthy and great for your diet. However, Mexicans use a lot of spices, salt and fats that might not be the best for your health.

How to make Mexican foods?

If this is your first time you are trying to cook Mexican food you only need to find the right recipe and follow it step by step. Plus, you should select the ingredients carefully to get the ultimate taste.