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8 Best American Easy Recipes for Parties and Gatherings

Are you about to host a top-notch party and you’re looking for some American easy recipes?? Well it’s all about taste! 

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Having your friends or family over for a party or some quality time is one of the most fun and memorable times. However, every time you are inviting your friends for a party you have to create several snacks and finger foods.

You could easily create some dishes with a special theme. For example, you could follow some traditional Mexican dinner recipes to impress your guests. However, that will take time. That’s why it would be wiser to use some classic American fast-food recipes. 

If you can’t find what snacks and finger foods to have at your party don’t worry. In this article we will explore the 8 best American easy recipes for parties you can make. From chicken tenders and mozzarella sticks to pretzel bites and brownies, all these easy American recipes are one of a kind. 

Without any further ado, let’s discover together these American easy recipes for parties and gatherings. 

The 8 Best American Easy Recipes for Parties

chicken tenders american easy recipes

Chicken tenders are definitely one of the snacks that can not be missed at a party. This snack is amazingly delicious and does not take too much time to cook. Crispy on the outside and delicious on the inside – that’s the secret when it comes to chicken tenders. 

For those who want a spicier snack, you can also add a spicy sauce to the chicken tenders. Spicy or not, one thing is for sure, the plate of chicken tenders will disappear in 4 minutes or less.

Who does not love the well-known mac and cheese platter. Well, at parties you can make the same delicious platter, but with a little difference. This time you make macaroni and cheese balls. 

This recipe contains all the flavors and texture that we are used to from the traditional dish. The coating is made of the usual ingredients, but in this case you have the option of adding extra crispy potato chips to get an even crunchier texture.

Mozzarella is one of the most famous cheeses in the world. The intense flavor along with the amazing creaminess make this cheese ideal for party snacks. It will look good, taste great and will be ready in a blink of an eye.

Mozzarella sticks don’t need anything else aside to stand out. The crispy outside with the melted cheese inside is the perfect combination if you want to impress your guests.


If you are looking for something more filling, meatballs are what you need to make. These small balls with pork and beef will leave your guests surprised with their fascinating taste. 

However, don’t forget to add some herbs and spices to make their flavor more luscious. Ατ the side of the plate you could easily place a bowl with chips or french fries. Additionally, ketchup and mustard can also make the difference.

Who doesn’t love the warm pretzels when they are out of the oven? That’s why, you should try and make some little pretzel bites to make everyone feel at home. The unique taste with the bite style will make these pretzels disappear in a few minutes. 

Of course, you will need to make a sauce to accompany them. However, that’s nothing you should worry about as you can easily use some of the classic dips for chips.

Corn dogs have become one of the most favorite and beloved party snacks to both adults and kids. Considering how easy it is to make corn dogs, everyone should have this dish when organizing a party.

The Frankfurters sausages and the tasteful batter will make all your guests want more and more. 

Don’t forget: ketchup and mustard are always there to take corn dogs to another level of taste.

Leaving the main dishes behind, brownies are one of the best desserts you can make in a party. Brownies can be made with some basic ingredients and it takes no more than a few minutes.

If you guests like chocolate then they will love this sweet treat! Add some additional chocolate chips on the top and see your dessert be the center of the buffet.

Chocolate truffles are a must-have snack when throwing a party. The smooth and sinful taste is what makes this sweet heaven so much-loved. If you also consider how many recipes are on the internet to help you make them then you shouldn’t think twice.

Grab the ingredients and start making some chocolate truffles. It’s not difficult and if you have kids they will also adore the process. 

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Wrap Up

Whichever of these recipes you decide to do, you guests will leave with their stomachs full. Each of them is perfect to make the difference and help you feel satisfied with what you have created. 

Additionally, all of them won’t take a lot of your time. They are easy to make and only require the basic ingredients. So, don’t hesitate even for a minute and get started making your own snacks for your upcoming party.


How many different American easy recipes exist?

Thousands! Or even millions?! However, when searching for the perfect recipes for a party make sure to find out the ones that match your personal taste. Don’t let yourself get lost in the hundreds of thousand recipes available online. Choose wisely and get in the kitchen!

Is American fast-food easy to create?

Yes! As the name reveals, American fast-foods don’t need a lot of preparation time. Online you can find numerous American easy recipes to create fast-food in your own kitchen. Take a look around and find the right fast-food home recipe for you and your party. 

What are the best American recipes?

American cuisine has plenty of amazing recipes that you should try. However, Mac and Cheese is one of the most beloved dishes that every family in America has made at least once. 

Why is fast food so cheap in America?

Fast-food is one of the cheapest types of food you can try out in every country, not only America. The price is always lower than the other types of food thanks to the little time of preparation and the low quality of the ingredients. 

Can you create healthy fast-food dishes?

Of course! When you create fast-food on your own you can use as many healthy ingredients as you want. It is on you! The recipes don’t matter as long as you work with healthy, fresh components.