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12 Best Pokemon Fonts for Eye-catching Designs

Unleash the power of Pokémon fonts for eye-catching designs! Dive into our ultimate guide with the best free and premium options. Get ready to attract attention and capture hearts!


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Pokemon fonts serve as a gateway to infuse designs with the charm and nostalgia that has enchanted fans for decades. In this article, we explore the world of Pokémon fonts and present you with a comprehensive selection of the best options available.

All fonts are designed to capture the essence of the Pokémon universe and convey the sense of adventure and discovery that has made the franchise a worldwide phenomenon. You’ll also find these features in the best Dungeons and Dragons fonts or the best Gaming fonts, but Pokémon fonts are even more unique.

Whether you are a designer creating Pokémon-inspired artwork, a fan designing a personal project, or a website owner looking to add a touch of Pokémon magic, the right font can transform your creations into something stunning.

With these fonts, you can create attention-grabbing posters, social media posts, and t-shirts. So without further ado, let’s get to know the best Pokemon fonts available on the market.

8 Best Premium Pokemon Fonts for Eye-catching Designs

comicon font

StudioWorks has created an amazing font collection with 6 different typefaces. However, Comicon Outiline is the best option when it comes to Pokemon fonts. You can use it for any project with this particular theme, such as posters, party invitations and even branding.

All 6 Pokemon fonts include uppercase letters, all the numbers and the punctuation you need to create an impressive project.

Super is one of the best Pokemon fonts online. The unique curves of the letters add a touch of charm and fun to your next project. You can easily use it for crafts, packaging and logos and see how these designs turn into something fascinating.

The pack contains 4 fonts, 2 of which are well suited for Pokemon projects. All of them contain uppercase and lowercase letters, except for Super Black Regular, which contains only capitals. In addition, there are all the necessary numerals and punctuation marks.

When you first see the Wildside font, you don’t see many similarities to the Pokemon font, as it is rather bubbly. However, the Shadow and Outline shapes can do the job. Both are suitable for numerous projects such as t-shirts, procreate, stickers and posts on social media. With the package you get 3 typefaces that come with uppercase letters, numbers and punctuation.

If you are looking for a typeface that has the vintage touch of the Pokemon series, Arcade is the best choice for you. The curved letters with the special look will remind you of the confusion movement of Hypno Pokemon.

In the package you will find 3 different fonts, all of which include upper and lowercase letters and numbers. Unfortunately there are no punctuation marks to frame your designs. 

Typetemp Studio has designed a special typeface collection that includes a unique Pokemon font. With the outline version of this font, you can create many great Pokemon projects in no time.

The package contains 4 fonts that you can put to good use. All of them contain upper and lowercase letters, with small differences, numerals and punctuation.

The National Forest font may be different from the original Pokemon font. However, the beautiful shape of the letters give a fascinating vibe to any project. Use it for posters, branding, t-shirt designs and retro invitations.

In the package you will find some fonts with uppercase and lowercase letters and some with capitals only. But all of them have numbers and all necessary punctuation marks.

With its bold shape, Imaginary font strongly reminds of the famous Pokemon font. Therefore, it is perfect for numerous projects such as branding, packaging, social media posts and procreate.

With the package you get only the regular font with uppercase letters, all basic punctuation marks and numbers. 

Boom is a font that will remind you of all the Disney typefaces you have ever seen. This fabulous font is suitable for many projects like themed party invitations, t-shirts and even book covers. The package includes the basic Boom font as well as uppercase letters, numerals and punctuation.

4 Best Free Pokemon Fonts for Eye-catching Designs

This Pokemon font has many similarities to the original. The letters, numbers and punctuation marks that are present on the package are what you imagine when you hear the word Pokemon. This font can transform your designs into something extraordinary.

Pokemon Hollow is the outline version of the popular Pokemon font. This font is great for designing Pokemon projects such as posters, branding and themed party invitations as it includes upper and lowercase letters, all numbers and punctuation.

Omega Ruby is a font with a special shape of the letters. However, the main character of the font is what makes it suitable for Pokemon projects. You can use it for posters, t-shirts, social media posts and stories and no one will find it weird.

If you have ever owned a Nintendo console with the Pokemon game, this font will remind you of those times. Pokemon GB is a unique font that is ideal for many different projects such as t-shirts, game guides, mugs and invitations to gatherings.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Pokémon fonts are a fantastic way to infuse your designs with the captivating charm and nostalgia of the beloved franchise. Whether you’re a designer, a fan working on a personal project, or a website owner looking to add a touch of Pokémon magic, these fonts have the power to transform your creations into eye-catching masterpieces.

When using Pokémon fonts, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re organizing Pokémon-themed events, creating fan art, or designing digital or print media related to Pokémon, these fonts add an authentic and recognizable element to your projects.

So, embrace the power of Pokémon fonts and unleash your creativity. With their ability to capture the essence of the Pokémon universe, these fonts will undoubtedly captivate hearts and attract attention to your eye-catching designs.

Best Pokemon Fonts - FAQ

What projects can I use Pokemon fonts on?

There are several projects that can use a pokemon font! For starters, you can use this kind of font on Pokémon-themed events, parties, or special occasions, using a Pokémon font on invitations, greeting cards, or thank-you notes can add a fun and recognizable element to the designs. Additionally, If you’re creating fan art, posters, banners, or any digital or print media related to Pokémon, using a Pokémon font can add an authentic touch to your designs.

What style has the Pokemon font?

The Pokémon font falls into the category of sans-serif fonts. Sans-serif fonts are characterized by the absence of small decorative strokes or serifs at the ends of the letters. The Pokémon font’s design aligns with this classification, as it features clean, smooth letterforms without serifs. The lack of serifs in sans-serif fonts gives them a modern, clean, and straightforward appearance. This style is often preferred for its legibility and versatility in various digital and print applications.

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