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14 Best Star Fonts

If you’re looking for celestial elegance in typography, explore our list of the best star fonts. Elevate your projects with premium and free options while finding your inspiration.


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Much like the enchanting twinkle of stars in the night sky, star fonts bring a touch of mystique and wonder to your projects. These captivating fonts are so versatile that they fit seamlessly into a variety of design themes.

Star fonts have some similarities to the rugged charm of cowboy typefaces, which evoke a sense of adventure. However, they also have the innate ability to take on a softer, more whimsical character that resembles the charm of cute fonts. This duality makes star fonts a remarkable addition to any designer’s toolbox.

Whether you want to add a touch of elegance to a wedding invitation, a touch of playfulness to a children’s book cover, or a dash of magic to a digital illustration, star fonts have the power to transform the ordinary into something extraordinary.

So let’s take a closer look at our comprehensive list of the best fonts with stars you can find online.

10 Best Premium Star Fonts

starry star font

This versatile font adds a touch of stardust to your creations, offering a harmonious blend of elegance and enchantment. The graceful letterforms with beautiful stars evoke a sense of cosmic wonder and are perfect for a range of projects including logos, invitations, and children’s books.

The package includes upper and lowercase letters, numbers, some special characters and special illustration elements.

Immerse yourself in a world of vibrant creativity with the Color Stars font. This typeface is designed entirely out of stars, with each letter transforming into a vibrant canvas of color and design. Whether you’re designing eye-catching posters, playful invitations, or engaging posts for social media, Color Star is the font for you.

With the package, you get uppercase letters, all numerals, and a comprehensive set of punctuation marks.

This stunning star font embodies the warmth of a sunset and the playfulness of carefree days. Its beautiful letterforms dance across the page, adding a touch of joy and spontaneity to your designs. You can use them for logos, packaging, apparel, posters and quotes.

The package includes uppercase letters, all numerals, punctuation marks and some special graphic elements that will take your designs to the next level. Embrace the art of cheerful expression with this lovely star font.

AnMark has designed one of the best star fonts you can discover on the market. This font is a gateway to a world of festivities, where every character shines with the magic of sparkle and joy. Glitter is perfect for Christmas cards, party invitations and dazzling event posters, bringing a touch of glamor to your designs.

In the package you will find 2 different fonts, one regular and one with special graphics. Both contain upper and lowercase letters, numerous punctuation marks and all numbers.

If you are looking for a stunning star font duo, Magical Time is the best choice for you. This unique duo combines two fonts, each with its own enchanting personality. The first font captures the elegance of a timeless script, while the second font exudes a modern charm. Together, they create a harmonious balance between classic and modern.

You can easily use this font duo for projects like books, posters, and baby clothes. Use the uppercase and lowercase letters, the numbers and the necessary punctuation and let your projects shine.

Juslia Sophia is a captivating star font that adds a touch of elegance and originality to any design. The carefully crafted ligatures and alternates contribute to its distinctive and personal appearance. This font is suitable for a range of projects such as branding, invitations and packaging.

With the package you get all the necessary elements to complete your project. Upper and lowercase letters, punctuation, numbers and over 300 special glyphs are included to make your design stand out.

Perfect for projects that require a touch of enchantment, such as invitations, greeting cards, and posters, Star Dust font brings a sense of magic to typography. The amazing ligatures and symbols can transform any project into something stunning. Try them out with the different typefaces included in the package and find the right combination for your designs.

Star Bright Moon font duo is a harmonious combination of two different but complementary fonts. This font duo combines a bold typeface with stars in the letterforms and a modern script font, offering designers a versatile set of tools to play with contrasting styles. These two star fonts are perfect for making projects like book covers, children’s party invitations, and posters stand out from the rest.

Giorgia offers a touch of sophistication that makes it suitable for logos, posters, branding and high-end designs. The different cuts and styles with the small stars offer flexibility and allow designers to create harmonious compositions.

The package includes the basic font with stars. The lowercase letters are distinguished from the uppercase letters by the small stars that are integrated into the letterforms. In addition, all the necessary numerals and punctuation marks are included to create the ultimate project.

Wild Star is a special rock font that can also make the difference as a star font. This amazing font duo can easily take your project to the next level. It is suitable for branding, posters, logos and music albums.

In the package you will find 3 different fonts with upper and lowercase letters, all numbers and some basic punctuation. Everything you need is there to make your project stand out.

4 Best Free Star Fonts

With the aura of a cowboy font, Pentagon is perfect for projects that require attention. You can easily use it for tech-related designs like logos, branding, or even packaging. Pentagon, an uppercase font, offers a fresh take on typography that adds a touch of innovation to any visual composition.

This star font is an excellent choice for projects that need to convey a sense of wonder and magic, such as fantasy literature covers, event invitations, or children’s book covers. The Stars font, with its beautiful star in the letterforms, offers a creative way to put celestial beauty into words.

The only downside to this pack is that there are no punctuation marks. However, the other elements included make up for it!

Kingthings Willow font presents a whimsical, hand-drawn style that evokes a sense of fantasy and storytelling. With its playful yet elegant appearance, this stunning star font is a delightful way to add a sense of fantasy and authenticity to visual projects such as party invitations, posters, and branding.

If you are looking for a font that captures the allure of the night sky with its celestially inspired design, this star font is perfect for you. Each character features intricate constellations that form a fascinating pattern and bring a touch of cosmic elegance to typography. This font is ideal for projects like astronomical designs and children’s posters.

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Wrap Up

In the world of typography, fonts are more than just letters – they tell stories, evoke emotions, and set the tone for design. Choose your star font wisely, because every curve and every outline has the power to transform words into art.

Best Star Fonts - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most important features of a great star font?

A great star font should embody celestial elegance and intertwine the stars in the letters. Legibility, intricate design, and the ability to evoke cosmic wonder are the most important features.

What is the advantage of premium Star fonts over free fonts?

Premium Star fonts offer distinct advantages over free fonts, including exceptional design quality, greater versatility, and often extensive sets of characters, ligatures, and features that ensure unique and sophisticated designs.