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14 Best Egyptian Fonts

Discover the timeless beauty of Egyptian fonts – from premium designs that exude elegance to free options that evoke history and culture


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Welcome to the world of Egyptian fonts, where premium and free options come together to offer a dazzling selection of fonts that are both enticing and impressive. These fonts not only pay homage to the splendor of a bygone era, but also reflect the enduring mystique of ancient Egypt.

Known for their timeless charm and exquisite esthetics, Egyptian fonts hold a unique position in the world of typography. Their design philosophy is deeply rooted in the artistic heritage of Egypt and was inspired by the intricate hieroglyphs and ornate inscriptions that adorned the walls of pharaohs’ tombs and ancient temples.

What is particularly fascinating about Egyptian scripts is their striking similarity to vintage fonts. This similarity adds versatility to Egyptian fonts, as they seamlessly bridge the gap between classic elegance and contemporary design.

So without further ado, let’s embark on this typographic odyssey and discover the best Egyptian fonts available today.

10 Best Premium Egyptian Fonts

ancient languages egyptian font

Ancient Languages font is a truly unique and captivating typeface that pushes the boundaries of conventional typography. Unlike conventional fonts that rely on Latin letters, this extraordinary font immerses you in the world of ancient civilizations as it uses a hieroglyphic script as its base.

Inspired by the intricate and symbolic language of hieroglyphics, you can add a touch of mystery and historical depth to your designs with this font bundle. Whether you’re working on projects related to archeology or history, or you just want to add an enigmatic flair to your designs, this Egyptian font is a powerful tool that will bring beauty and wonder to your designs.

Whether you’re designing a logo, creating eye-catching headlines, or working on a branding project, “Khepri” has you covered. The fonts in this package feature a harmonious blend of vintage design elements and timeless appeal, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

With its three different fonts, this package offers a wide range of creative possibilities. Each font in the collection features carefully designed capital letters, numerals, and punctuation marks that ensure your text exudes both elegance and legibility.

If you’re looking for one of the best Egyptian fonts to add a touch of ancient mysticism to your projects, Meso Font is for you. This remarkable font pack offers a trio of captivating fonts, each with a comprehensive set of uppercase letters, numbers, and punctuation marks.

Inspired by the rich cultural heritage of Egypt, the “Meso” fonts seamlessly blend historical elegance with a modern design sensibility. Whether you’re designing a poster, branding materials, or digital content, these fonts are the perfect way to add a sense of timeless beauty and cultural depth to your work.

Nomad Visuals has designed a unique Egyptian typeface that stands out for its distinctive character and versatility. With its bold and stunning design, “Moses” is perfect for making a statement in your projects. Whether you are creating posters, headlines, or branding, this font will ensure that your message is conveyed in an impressive and stylish way.

In the package, you will find 3 different fonts that you can use as you wish. Not all of them include punctuation, but with the rest of the tools these fonts give you, you can easily make up for that.

Horus Font is a captivating addition to the world of Egyptian typography. This font package offers a unique mix of elements, including capital letters, numerals, punctuation marks and even some hieroglyphic symbols.

By incorporating hieroglyphics, this font takes you on a journey to the ancient world and allows you to infuse your designs with the mystique and symbolism of Egypt’s rich cultural heritage. Whether you’re designing historical projects, branding, or even logos, Horus is for you.

The “Sunblast 2.0” font package from HARMNESSLESS is a treasure trove of typographic versatility. If you’re creating intricate designs, logos, or expressive headlines, the “Sunblast 2.0” fonts give you the tools to make your projects truly unique.

With a generous offering of six different fonts, including uppercase and lowercase characters, punctuation, symbols, and an astounding 2400+ glyphs, this package opens up a world of creative possibilities.

If you are looking for a toolkit that can help you make a difference, Ephemera Egyptian is perfect for you. You can easily use it for numerous projects like posters, themed party invitations, and even branding and logos.

This pack includes six fonts that range from Light to Bold, so you can find the perfect style for any project. With upper and lowercase letters, full numerals, and extensive punctuation, this font is a great choice for designers seeking flexibility and sophistication in their work.

“KH Dear Valley” font is a bold and distinctive Egyptian typeface that exudes strength and character. This font is great for a wide range of applications including logos, apparel, and branding.

With the package you get the basic Egyptian font along with uppercase and lowercase letters, necessary punctuation and numerals.

With its timeless design, “Glyphic” is perfect for a wide range of projects, from branding and advertising to posters and t-shirts. Enhance your typography with the sophisticated charm of this Egyptian font and leave a lasting impression on your visual communication.

The package includes uppercase and lowercase letters, providing flexibility and creativity in your typography. It also features complete sets of numbers and punctuation marks, so you can create well-rounded and polished designs.

Artifact Bazaar has designed one of the best Egyptian fonts, “Empyramid.” Whether you’re working on titles, headlines, or branding materials, you can make a strong and lasting impression with this font.

This impressive collection of fonts features a total of five different typefaces, all of which are presented in uppercase. Besides these versatile letterforms, “Empyramid” also offers all numbers and certain punctuation marks, so you’ll have everything you need for a complete project.

4 Best Free Egyptian Fonts

With its unique design, Peralta is a creative and attention-grabbing choice for a variety of projects. Whether you’re designing logos, posters, or other visual materials, Peralta typeface adds a touch of originality and flair to your typography. Use the uppercase, lowercase, numerals, and basic punctuation to create the ultimate project.

Hieroglyphic typeface is a fascinating and visually captivating free Egyptian font that recreates the ancient symbols and characters of hieroglyphics. With this font, you can add the mystique and historical richness of Egypt to your designs. This makes it the ideal choice for projects related to history, or for any project where you want to evoke the aura of ancient Egypt.

Typographer Mediengestaltung has designed one of the best free Egyptian fonts available online. Its bold, distinctive letterforms make it an excellent choice for attention-grabbing headlines, posters, or any project where you want to convey a sense of strength and timelessness through typography.

With its elegant design and unique character, this font adds an Egyptian touch of sophistication to your projects. Whether you’re designing logos, branding materials, or creative content, Scandal font is a distinctive and stylish option for your typographic needs.

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Final Thoughts

The world of Egyptian fonts is a rich blend of history, artistry and versatility. From the timeless elegance of premium designs to the accessibility of free options, these typefaces effortlessly bridge the gap between ancient charm and modern creativity.

Whether you want to transport your audience to the mystical world of Egypt, convey a sense of authority and sophistication, or add cultural depth to your designs, Egyptian fonts offer a variety of options.

Best Egyptian Fonts - Frequently Asked Questions

What are Egyptian fonts, and what makes them unique?

Egyptian fonts are scripts inspired by ancient Egyptian art, often characterized by bold, slab-serif letterforms. Their uniqueness lies in their ability to convey historical charm and cultural depth.

Are there free Egyptian fonts available for commercial use?

Certainly! Free Egyptian fonts for commercial use can be found on several websites, including 1001fonts, which offers a range of options to suit your design needs.