5 Best Ways to Transform your Desk Into the Ultimate Workstation

When you work from home you have the unique power to make decoration changes that if tried in an office environment, your boss would probably say no… Make your desk be part of your personality! Try different things and choose what best suits your mood and what you really want to stare at every day. These five ideas will help you transform your desk into an ideal workplace. 

Transform your Desk with a Lamp

The very first thing that you have to pay attention to is the most simple one, a lamp. The artificial light that you will choose will help you stay focused and see clearly when you run out of coffee…

If you have a small desk you can even use floor lamps. Some lamps even have USB chargers! No matter which you choose, it will definitely transform your desk, and make it much more friendly! Pick something stylish and minimal and trust me, you will never get tired of looking at it.




Add a Stationery kit  

At the end of every day, you will realize that you have to organize your desk again, as you come closer to the end of your shift… 

When you notice that the spot for your clippers is somewhere between your mug and your stapler, that’s mainly called ‘organized chaos’. Being in the middle of this chaos isn’t good, but trust me things could roll much faster for you if you have a stationary kit. This little treasure will organize your office equipment. Nowadays, there are kits both charming and elegant. Try different styles until you find something that suits you, and let them save your life.  

Check the Marble stationery kit HERE

Check the Rose Gold stationery kit HERE

Choose an Amazing Calendar

This one will fascinate you. Since ever we try to keep track of the time, nowadays we all have at least a pocket calendar that will allow us to book our appointments, write down the birthdays of our colleagues, friends and so much more. 

In the office, the calendar is the ultimate tool that you will have to use every day, so why not be sophisticated and sassy? You could have a small calendar on the desk or even a bigger one on your wall, with a different illustration for every month. In this way, you will never get bored looking at your calendar! What a brilliant way to transform your desk into a colorful workstation.

Focus on Adding Plants

Indoors plants can bring a fresh sensation and purify the air. They can calm you down and bring tranquility on a stressful day. They are so cool and fashionable. I absolutely propose decorating your office with one or more. The most exciting part is that you can find them in different sizes and colors. Choose plants that are easy to adopt in any climate, evergreen, and don’t need water all the time.

CHECK the Corvea plant set HERE

CHECK the Wiwaplex Hanging Glass plants HERE

Purchase a Unique Mousepad

Every time that you won’t have enough space to move your mouse, and believe me this will happen often, try to remember that there is a way to avoid this annoying moment! Mousepads come in different sizes and designs for any taste. For example, there are big mousepads that look like amazing carpets or illustrations on your desk. In many cases, you will see that will work as an inspiration for you!     


To sum up, I suggest you pick different things that will help you organize and keep your desk as tight as possible. Always give space to your personal ideas and try new things as sources of inspiration.

The best way to succeed at work is ensure you feeling like…home! By making this kind of decoration changes, you can define your workspace and transform your desk into the ultimate personal space that will make you enjoy every moment! If you liked this post, make sure to check our design guides.

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