Top 20 Fancy Fonts to Frame your Designs | Both Free and Premium

It’s very common to have a great design in mind, but it may lack an amazing font to become perfect. Many believe that a calligraphic or an Old English font fits better, but fancy fonts unite everything.

They can transform your design into a special and unique project in just a second. They are beautiful, extraordinary and just go with anything you imagine. Moreover, you can choose from a variety of fancy fonts.

We have collected some of the most impressive and well- designed fancy fonts, both premium and free, to make your life easier.

Top 15 Premium Fancy Fonts

5th Avenue

Fancy font 1

50Fox has created an outstanding fancy font inspired by modern fashion. It looks great in any kind of project, from branding to wedding invitations. Another amazing feature is that it supports 27 different languages, even Zulu, for you to work with. 

Catchy Mager Fancy Font

Fancy font 2

If you are looking for a fancy font that is both elegant and exceptional, this typeface from Sensatype is the answer. It is designed to make branding and logo designs look perfect. However, Catchy Mager is ideal for any project you have in mind.


fancy font 3

Typia Nesia has created a font that is not only fancy but also fun and cozy. It is adaptable to anything and looks perfect for whatever you have in mind, from blog designs to t-shirts. The package includes the Bhatoshine Reguler, the Bhatoshine caps and extras.


fancy font 4

Buffalo is a unique, fancy typeface made by Amtypes. This font can easily fit your project even if it is a logo design or a wedding invitation. It has only a regular form but it is really stylish and you will find it just enough. 


fancy font 5

Sensatype is a brand well known for its elegant fonts that includes a fancy touch. Brand is just such a font. Thanks to its beautiful letters, it is ideal for logo designs and branding. But do not hesitate to use it for all kinds of projects. 


fancy font 6

When you see the word “chic” in the description of a font, it does not mean that it’s not fancy. On the contrary, sometimes a fancy-chic typeface is the answer to a long search. This font is perfect for graphic design and not only for that.

Ball Pen 

fancy font 7

VladCristea has created an exceptional font with a fancy handwritten touch that makes it very unique. The distinctive style gives an elegant feel and makes it ideal for quotes, headlines or blog designs. 


fancy font 8

160 Studio wanted to create a font that was fancy, chic and elegant all at the same time. Baxoe has all these qualities and the alternate characters make it quite unique. For all these reasons, you can easily use this font for numerous projects. 

The Something Duo

fancy font 9

The Something font is a modern and fancy font from Dina Evans. The package includes two types, the Regular and the Sans Regular, so you have the option to find the one that better suits your project. 

Ding Dong 

fancy font 10

Ding Dong is a special handwritten font designed by VladCristea brand. This font is perfect for logo designs, labels, signatures and many other projects you have in mind. The package includes the regular font, extras and 6 amazing logos.  


fancy font 11

Creativemedialab has created a unique font with a fancy and funky touch. The fun feel of this font makes it ideal for summer designs, posters and themed projects. With this font, you get a regular, a thin, a light, and an extra light font. There are also ligatures for you to work with.


fancy font 12

Carentro is an elegant but fancy serif font. The modern alternate characters and ligatures are perfect for many projects such as logos, presentations, and book covers. This font supports multiple languages that you can use in your projects. 

The Brande and Lotaline 

fancy font 13

Arterfak Project is a brand known for its stylish and fancy fonts. The Brande and Lotaline is a modern, bold serif font that is perfect for any type of design, such as posters, social media, or wedding invitations. It includes many alternate characters and ligatures for you to enjoy. 


fancy font 14

Jonathan is a beautiful signature style font from Dina Evans. A font like this is suitable for blogs, postcards, logos and many other distinctive projects. It also supports foreign languages so you can work without any obstacles. 


fancy font 15

Baroneys is a vintage typeface and at the same time fancy and elegant font. Sancreastd has created a typeface that is ideal for branding, book covers, labels and many other special projects. This serif font includes stylistic alternates to make your designs unique.

Top 5 Free Fancy Fonts


fancy font 16

Quebec is a modern, fancy, minimal font created not only to make your designs look stunning, but also to add that missing ingredient for a standout project. This sans serif font is perfect for anything you have in mind, from branding to blog design. 

La Vie En Rose

fancy font 17

There are many occasions when a calligraphic font is the fanciest addition to your design. La Vie En Rose is a stunning font that is ideal for a variety of projects, including wedding invitations, t-shirts, and book covers. 


fancy font 18

If you are looking for a great, fancy and free serif font to complete your project, then Equinox font is the right one for you. It is a modern font that can easily adapt to your ideas and turn them into a real work of art.


fancy font 19

AlphArt has created one of the most stylish and beautiful handwritten fonts you can find on the internet. It is not only suitable for prestige projects. Do not hesitate to use it for branding, t-shirts, quotes and anything else you have in mind. 


fancy font 20

Contener is a breathtaking, handwritten font, ideal for dreamy works. It is a remarkable font that is not only suitable for children’s books. You can use it for many different projects and it will fit each and every one perfectly. 

Wrap up 

There are numerous great and unique options on the market that will perfectly fit your designs. However, you should find and choose the one that will work best for your project. Our list above is just a small selection of the endless great products you can discover.

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