Best 14 Japan Fonts | Both Free and Premium

Konnichiwa! Whether you are visiting our website for a remarkable Japan font or not, Japanese typefaces will steal your heart. Most of them have a unique bold style that is perfect for eye-catching projects. 

So, if you are looking for a strong font that can make the difference, you are at the right place! Of course, you could use the classic bold fonts that are available on the market but Japan fonts have a special charm. 

Our list includes both modern and traditional Japanese fonts that you will find impressive. There are 14 fascinating typefaces here, both premium and free. You only have to choose the ideal one for you. 

To keep it short, let us dig deeper in this stunning Japanese font world. 

Best 10 Premium Japan Fonts 


Best 14 Japan Fonts | Both Free and Premium

OKAMI is a font inspired by Japanese culture. Its modern, yet elegant, style makes this typeface suitable for many different projects like eye-catching posters, unique party invitations and t-shirt designs. 

With the package, you get 2 Japanese fonts, the regular and an outline one. Additionally, it includes bold uppercase letters, all numerals and the needed punctuation marks.  


Best 14 Japan Fonts | Both Free and Premium

YandiDesigns has created one of the most gorgeous fonts Japanese that you can find on the internet. In contrast with the rest of Japan fonts, Wasabi has a calligraphic style ideal for quotes, branding and headlines. 

The package contains the basic typeface along with capital and lowercase letters, numbers and all the necessary punctuation marks.


Best 14 Japan Fonts | Both Free and Premium

If you are looking for a Japanese font with a special brush style, HAREBO is the perfect typeface for you. You can use this font for anything you want from logos to advertising and videos. In the package, you will find 2 fonts, the classic and an Italic one. Plus, there are uppercase letters, punctuation marks and all numerals. 


Best 14 Japan Fonts | Both Free and Premium

Akira is a charismatic Japanese font that will easily make a good impression on everyone. The strong curves of the letters make this typeface perfect for magazines, logos and packaging products. 

The package includes only the regular Akira font but it is enough for any elegant Japanese project. Lastly, you get upper and lowercase letters, punctuation, numbers, some alternates and multilingual support. 


Best 14 Japan Fonts | Both Free and Premium

Okashi in Japanese means “Sweets”. That’s why this font has a unique style that makes it look perfect for projects like children’s book covers and t-shirt designs. However you could also use it for posters and party invitations. 

If you choose this package, you get 2 different typefaces with capitals, lowercase letters, all the necessary punctuation marks and numbers. 


Best 14 Japan Fonts | Both Free and Premium

If you are looking for one of the best modern Japanese fonts with a fairytale touch, TAKOYAKI is the one for you. The beautiful details around the capitals and the simple lowercase lowercase can provide you the ultimate result in any project you want to create. The package also contains numbers and numerous punctuation marks. 

Hiro Misake

Best 14 Japan Fonts | Both Free and Premium

Hiro Misake has a unique Japan fonts style thanks to the real brush effect. The natural and clean lines of the letters allow you to use this typeface for plenty of different projects like apparel, magazines and quotes. In the package you will find only the regular Hiro Misake font. But there are also all numbers and the basic punctuation. 


Best 14 Japan Fonts | Both Free and Premium

Kayto is a font collection that includes from traditional to modern Japanese fonts. According to your upcoming project you have to select which of the 6 typefaces is better. Use them for posters, branding and even t-shirts and see your designs stand out. 

With the package, besides the numbers and the punctuation marks, you get some outstanding ornaments that can frame any of your projects perfectly. 


Best 14 Japan Fonts | Both Free and Premium

XTOPH – Fonts has designed one of the most amazing and impressive Japan fonts you can discover on the market. The brush-like effect of this typeface can transform any project into something stunning. 

The package includes 2 Japanese fonts that you can use as you wish. The lowercase letters have a lot of similarities with the capitals but they are also charming. Lastly, you get all numbers and a great amount of punctuation.


Best 14 Japan Fonts | Both Free and Premium

HENSHIN is a Japanese font that will remind you of the famous ninjas. The shape of the letters and their special curves can make any project excel and grab the attention of the audience. 

This package contains just the main HENSHIN font along with punctuation marks and numerals. The uppercase and lowercase letters have only small differences. 

Best 4 Free Japan Fonts 


Best 14 Japan Fonts | Both Free and Premium

If you are looking for one of the best Japanese fonts free, Electroharmonix is what you need. The beautiful letters with the special charm are ideal for any kind of projects like posters and unique headlines. In the package, there are only uppercase letters but you also get all numbers and plenty of punctuation marks.  

Night in Tokyo

Best 14 Japan Fonts | Both Free and Premium

Vladimirnikolic has created one of the most impressive Japanese fonts free download available online. The letters are made by separate lines and that makes them perfect for posters, branding and packaging products. With the package, you get 3 different Japanese typefaces, capital letters, numerals and some punctuation marks. 


Best 14 Japan Fonts | Both Free and Premium

Tachi is a unique free Japanese font with a hand-drawn look that you will love. You can easily use it for any project you have in mind to create from headlines to branding. The package includes the basic Japanese typeface with only uppercase letters and numbers. However, you won’t find any punctuation mark to frame your project. 

Nuku Nuku

Best 14 Japan Fonts | Both Free and Premium

Nuku Nuku is a great Japan font with a simple style but has some unique characteristics. The beautiful shape of the letters can transform your designs into something remarkable. In the package, you will find everything you need to complete your next project and make the difference. 

Final Thoughts

All of the Japanese fonts above are top-class and can frame any project in the best way. However, each one of them has a unique style and you should select the typeface that is more suitable for your designs. Don’t hesitate to try plenty of them, if not all, till you find the right one. 

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