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Who does not know the movie Nightmare Before Christmas? For many, this movie is Tim Burton’s most famous film. Nightmare Before Christmas was released in 1993 and is a stop-motion animated film that was an amazing success. 

With a rating of 8/10 on IMDb from over 300,000 votes, you can really understand what a special movie this is. Like every other great film by Tim Burton, this one needed a fantastic font to frame it. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas font is known worldwide as one of the spookiest and most festive fonts out there. Some may compare it to Christmas fonts or Halloween fonts, but in reality, this font is a very unique one. 

The Best 2 Free Nightmare Before Christmas Fonts 

Nightmare before Christmas font

Nightmare Before Christmas Font | 1001 Free Fonts

This free Nightmare Before Christmas font by Film Himmel – Jens R. Ziehn is an excellent font inspired by Tim Burton’s movie.

With over 345,000 downloads, you can imagine how famous a font can be that resembles a font from the movie. However, a really important thing that you should know is that these free movie inspired fonts are for personal use only.

You may be wondering how difficult it is to download and use a font like this. Well, it is a very easy task that you can do with a few simple steps. Let us help you.

  1. Download the font from the 1001 free fonts website as a .zip file
  2. Unzip it in your desktop 
  3. Open the .ttf file 
  4. Click on install 
  5. You are ready to go!

Once you have followed these steps, you will have the Nightmare Before Christmas font installed on your device. You can now find and use it in any program like Photoshop, Word, etc.

Nightmare Before Christmas Font | Filmfonts | FontSpace

The second free Nightmare Before Christmas font was designed by Filmfonts. Filmfonts has created some amazing movie-inspired fonts over the past few years.

This font is also one of the most famous when it comes to designers who want to give their designs a Nightmare Before Christmas look. The font was created in 2002 and has since received over 350,000 downloads and great reviews.

Of course, this font is also for personal use only. Once again, the installation is very simple and we are sure you will not have any problems. To be more precise and helpful, we will guide you through this process.

  1. On the FontSpace website, click on “Free Download” and download the .zip file
  2. Unzip the file to your desktop
  3. Open the .ttf file
  4. Click on “Install”
  5. You are ready to go!

Now you can write whatever you want with this awesome Nightmare Before Christmas font.

Nightmare before Christmas font

Where You Can Use A Nightmare Before Christmas Font

First of all, we have to say that with this Nightmare Before Christmas font, you will get a .ttf file. Therefore, you can add this font into any graphic design program like Photoshop and Inkscape.

That said, let’s talk about the projects for which you can use these awesome fonts. Since the movie theme is inspired by both Christmas and Halloween, the font can be easily used in projects for the same celebrations. You can also use it for a personal comic or a gift card to a Tim Burton’s fan. 

Nightmare before Christmas font

Even if you use it as a header or throughout your project, we are sure that this font will give your project a unique and special look. Try these fonts on your projects and we are sure that they will amaze you.

If you are looking for an even more special festive font, you can always take a look at our articles about the best Christmas fonts and the best Halloween fonts.

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