Best 17 Vintage Christmas Fonts

Christmas fonts are the perfect way to add some festive cheer to your seasonal designs. Let’s start with the basics. What would be perfect for your Christmas designs? Many will answer that a classic Santa Claus Font is always on trend, others prefer something more creepy and sci-fi like Nightmare Before Christmas.

Still, there are also many who would love to incorporate something more classic, like the fonts from our childhood, into their designs. So if you are looking for the perfect collection of vintage Christmas fonts, read on.

We have put together the ultimate vintage Christmas font collection for you. Now all you have to do is relax and choose the fonts that will make you smile! Without further ado, let’s explore them together.

Best 13 Premium Vintage Christmas Fonts

The Holidays – A Christmas Typeface

Vintage Christmas fonts

This Christmas typeface is all about your childhood! So get into the festive spirit and enjoy this rustic vintage Christmas font. It’s perfect for personal and commercial designs that include cards and stamps. You will be delighted by the numerous festive ligatures.

Christmas Knitted Font

Vintage Christmas fonts

The spirit of Christmas is contained in this fantastic font. You’ll definitely remember wearing your Christmas sweaters and sitting by the fireplace with hot cocoa! This is the ultimate knitted effect Christmas font for the best festive projects.

Tingle Tangle – Christmas Font Quad

Vintage Christmas fonts

Tingle Tangle is all about mixing and matching elements to create your beautiful Christmas design. Choose from little festive bells, Christmas balls, and stripes. All of these amazing elements can make for the perfect font.

Winter Holiday & Christmas Freebies

Vintage Christmas fonts

The coziest typeface is the homemade Winter Holiday. It will bring back memories of your childhood! The royal ligatures will add an excellent festive mood to your creations. You will also receive simple and fairytale upper and lowercase letters.

Royal Bavarian Christmas Packet

Vintage Christmas fonts

The Royal Bavarian Christmas typeface will remind you of the royal love stories at Christmas and bring the fairytale to life. The package is full of elegant and stylish initials in 5 variations. Create your own Christmas love story!

Ugly Sweater Font & Icon Set

Vintage Christmas fonts

Another amazing and humorous typeface that you probably had in your Christmas sweaters. This font includes upper and lowercase letters and characters. The best part is that it comes with a variety of Christmas symbols that you can use to create the best viral creative projects!

Christmas Mystery

Vintage Christmas fonts

You can decorate any of your festive projects with this font! It will remind you of the metallic biscuit jars your mom always kept at home this time of year! Get inspired and make your creations unique.

Christmas Star Font

Best 17 Vintage Christmas Fonts

Stars are an essential part of the Christmas spirit. We use them as lights on the tree or as shapes in Christmas cookies, and now you can use them as a typeface with the brilliant Christmas Star font. It is a great pattern for festive posters, logos, invitations or any other project.

Jolly Christmas Font

Best 17 Vintage Christmas Fonts

With a bold Christmas font, you can effortlessly stand out from the festive competition. The font is perfect for any project that needs to get into the Christmas spirit with a vintage look. You also get more than 20 Christmas-themed patterns to decorate your creations.

Hello Christmas

Best 17 Vintage Christmas Fonts

Hello Christmas is the most comprehensive selection of vintage Christmas fonts with a set of playful icons. An amazing calligraphic font with great sweeps in strong round shapes. It comes in more than 40 languages and in over 10 different sweep shapes. You can also use it in a color font.

Christmas Glee

Best 17 Vintage Christmas Fonts

This font is all about bold and strong Christmas designs. The best part is that it comes with a bonus pack that includes up to 40 illustrations. Your mood will definitely change! You can use this font for numerous purposes. For example, try to create the perfect Christmas card.

Holiday Cookies, a Christmas Script

Best 17 Vintage Christmas Fonts

The sweetest of all is this font! As the name suggests, it is a vintage Christmas font that will remind you of your childhood cookies. You can use it for all your Christmas designs like cards, invitations, stamps and more. 

Christmas Font  Bundle 

Best 17 Vintage Christmas Fonts

The last in our list of the best premium Christmas fonts is the lovely and absolutely delightful Christmas Font Bundle. The bundle contains 7 sets of classic and retro Christmas fonts that you will love. You can choose one of the fonts or all of them for your projects.

Best 4 Free Vintage Christmas Fonts

Joyeux Noel

Best 17 Vintage Christmas Fonts

This amazing free font is all about Christmas. Each letter is snowy at the top. This font will remind you of the snowy Christmas in your home sweet home. You will get all the letters and numbers in capital letters. The font is 100% free for any use.

Kingthings Christmas

Best 17 Vintage Christmas Fonts

Kingthings has designed a classic and Gothic font. The letters are supposed to be on snow and all around it is still snowing. You get all upper and lower case letters as well as numbers and punctuation. As a bonus, there are also snowflake symbols. You can use the font for personal and commercial purposes.

Christmas Sounds

Best 17 Vintage Christmas Fonts

Christmas Sounds is all about festive ornaments between letters. Each uppercase letter is unique with small symbols like bells, trees, ornaments and more. With this free font for commercial and personal use, you can create the best Christmas designs. The bundle includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and punctuation.

Merry Christmas

Best 17 Vintage Christmas Fonts

This font is one of the most popular free vintage Christmas fonts. It will definitely remind you of all the Christmas traditions from your childhood with the snowflakes and stars. You get all uppercase and lowercase letters along with special characters like presents, cookies, Christmas trees and more. Punctuation is also part of the bundle. You can use it for personal use only.

Be sure to check out our fun Christmas font picks for more festive designs and endless inspiration.

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